Why Omnichannel?

Benefits of Omni-Channel

1. Gain greater customer insights

Depending on what you do with this data, accumulating customer information in its context can give you a wider scope into how your clients interact with your brand and their different needs across the various channels.

2. Maximize agent productivity

An agent can only attend to one customer at a time when on the phone. While other channels such as this listed above can serve anywhere from a couple of customers (chat) to hundreds and even thousands at a time (webinars and videos).
 3. Bring out the best in your agents

As agents are able to quickly respond to clients queries, this means more time can be spent training agents for more challenging situations.

4. Avoid attrition

In line with the point above, another benefit of omnichannel is the challenge it presents for agents. The challenge of having to handle more complex cases, needing more in-depth training and the added value they bring, all contribute to an increase in employee satisfaction.

5. Save on call center costs

Although omnichannel sounds like more time and money, it’s actually more cost-effective than dedicating all your agent potential to phone channels. Popular channels today are more of the ‘self-help’ channels these self-help channels take a huge operational bulk off your agents shoulders, helping you save on staff hiring and letting technology do the heavy lifting.

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