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5 min readJul 28, 2022


In the following article, we will present what the OmniLore Initiative is and how the Omni holders play a crucial role in how the Omnimorphs story is told. Let’s see how the entire process works and what you need to do to be able to take part in our OmniLore Initiative.

First things first!

Introducing our Loremaster

Whether you are new to Omnimorphs or have been with us since the beginning, one thing you should know is that one of our deepest desires was to create a canonical storyline of Omnimorphs through a collective effort, but there was one small problem…

Finding someone with exceptional writing skills and an imagination to match would be key in helping build the Omni Universe. Luckily that person found us first.

Jared is our Loremaster. He has been with us from the beginning, and we are lucky and grateful to be able to work with him on everything related to OmniLore. Not only is Jared a great writer, he’s also a great guy and fun to work with. Thank you, Jared!

Our Loremaster, JareD

What is OmniLore?

OmniLore is the root of the Omnimorphs universe. It’s one of the most important aspects of our journey to build a rich IP, as it has the potential to open doors to collaboration. It’s a collective story-building experiment that we’re excited about, as our holders get to decide the path of the story.

How often do chapters come out?

Our target is to deliver a chapter once every 2–3 weeks. There may be some chapters that need less time and some that might need more, depending on the complexity.

How exactly does one take part in the process?

Every time a new chapter is ready, it will be announced on our Discord and Twitter, and it will be published shortly thereafter on our Medium blog. Each chapter contains the main story, and at the end of it, there will be 2–3 options for you to decide which is the best path forward for the story.

When the article is published, we will also open a vote on (, where Omnitotem holders can vote for their favorite story branch. Hopefully, the majority agrees with you, and the branch you chose moves forward and becomes the main plot for the next chapter.

Hot Tip: you can also listen to the chapters on Medium if you press the green “Listen” button at the top of the article. Give it a few seconds to buffer, and just lay back and listen.

I have Omnimorphs NFTs, why can’t I vote with those?

You can only vote in the OmniLore Initiative by using your Omnitotems.

Good news. Omnitotems are free to claim for anyone that owns an Omnimorph NFT (1 Omnimorph = 1 Free Totem). The totems have the role of expanding the Lore and will also play another important role in the future, so make sure to claim your Totems ASAP.

To claim your Totems, go to our website and mint them for free (you only pay gas fees):

You are ready to vote now!

Hot Tip: Before you buy an Omnimorph NFT from Opensea, you should verify if the current owner has claimed the Totem for that Omni.

For example: if the Omni you want to buy has #8273 ID, check for the same ID, and if you can’t find it, it means the owner has not claimed the totem for that Omnimorph, and you can be the one to do it after you buy it.

Fun fact: Each Totem has a different Artifact hovering above it, and each Artifact contains a story fragment. Put all the fragments together, and you get the full story of that Artifact. Jared, as you might expect, wrote all the beautiful stories for all the 14 types of Artifacts.

Are there any other benefits to voting?

YES, we have another big utility for everyone that votes in the OmniLore Initiative.

Omnimorphs Artbook Chapters

Besides voting for the best story branch moving forward, one lucky person will be eligible to win one edition of the artwork for that chapter. Each chapter has its own artwork drawn by Daniel Taylor, and these stunning works of art are obtainable through Soul Shard auctions, but 1 edition will always be reserved for people voting in the OmniLore.

So voting in the OmniLore Initiative ensures the best path for the Omnimorphs story and gives you a chance to win an amazing work of art.

Soul Shards? What are those?

Soul Shards are obtainable from the Fusion process.

Fusion is a novel mechanic that gives Omni holders the utility to fuse together two Omnimorph NFTs and select the best traits from both and combine them into one personalized Omnimorph. The result of every Fusion is a personalized Omnimorph + 1 Soul Shard. For a more detailed explanation of every aspect of Fusion, read the following article:

The Ultimate Omnimorphs Fusion Guide by Sickwidit

I hope you enjoyed this article. We would like to encourage everyone to participate in the OmniLore voting — not only do you help make sure the best story branch goes forward, but you also have the chance to win 1 edition of the chapter’s Artwork. The saved Soul Shard can come quite handy later for another Artwork auction.