The Calm Before — Chapter I.

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3 min readFeb 21, 2022


This piece marks the beginning of the OmniLore the collective story-building initiative of Omnimorph, which we’re extremely excited about.

This initiative aims to develop the canonical storyline of Omnimorphs through a collective effort, driven by our very own Lore Master, and our community!

How it will work:

  • Every two weeks or so, a piece such as this will be released, that contains three possible narrative branches to continue the canonical storyline
  • At the same time, a Snapshot vote is initiated in the OmniLore Snapshot space, where holders of OmniTotems can vote on which narrative branch to canonize
  • If a branch wins the vote, it is added to the canonical storyline and the next vote will continue from there
  • A holder only channel is also created on Discord, where everyone can input their ideas outside the votes
  • Holders can also initiate their own votes in the space if they want to see if their ideas have the support of the community
  • The ideas will be synthesized by our Lore Master and new votes with new alternate storylines will be released periodically

The end result of this will be the canonical Omnimorphs storyline, which will be a community effort and will serve as a basis for future developments and expansions of the project.

We choose to have OmniTotems as the governance tokens for this snapshot space, as they are a collection whose original purpose was to expand the fictional world of Omnimorphs.

The first episode is the Prologue, which you can read here. The below narrative branches continue where that story left off.

Please note, that the OmniLore Snapshot space uses an aggressive anti-whale voting strategy. We feel that with the storyline, diversity of opinions is of paramount importance.

If you have any questions regarding this initiative, join our Discord to know more!

The Calm Before — Chapter I.

At the heart of Nul Khronos the council of Ancients deliberate. Attuned to the rhythms of our universe, they have sensed that something is amiss. A strange force has begun to influence our world, causing increasingly large deviations in the natural order. A force that pulls from beyond the universe’s edge. The source of this dark interference eludes the council and, try as they may, they are unable to see outside the black horizon of the cosmos. Concerned for the place they care for; the ancients decide it to be a matter of urgency to understand what power could generate such an influence on our universe. Calling out to their brethren, a signal ripples across the multilayer of dimensions, beckoning the omnimorphs to Nul Khronos.

Pillar of Euraphaessa

Heeding the call of the ancients, many omnimorphs return, rushing in like a receding tide. The event is without precedent. As they flood through the gateways the atmosphere hangs heavy in the air. The council waits at the center of the city, encircling a great structure, known as the “Pillar of Euraphaessa”. It towers into the sky, a dark obelisk covered in thin fractures of iridescent colour. A structure designed to focus and extend the consciousness of its user. Utilizing this, the ancients have been able to see the farthest reaches of the outer world. Now, with so many omnimorphs lending their consciousness to the task, they hope to see past even that into the space through which our universe moves: the exoverse.

Lend your mind to the cause, and tell us what you sense and the future that looms on the horizon…

The voting has ended.

Selected branch

Continue the story here.



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