Omnilytics Platform — Use Cases

Omnilytics Platform has a mission: to create a distributed data network. By aggregating data from multiple verticals, we are able to generate infinite use cases for various industries across the world. This is why we are leveraging on the power of blockchain — to even out the scale, to strengthen the highly fragmented data industry and most importantly, to be the frontier of data economy.

Here are a few use cases that will be achievable through Omnilytics Platform:

Data Auditing

Omnilytics fingerprints all the data that is collected and stores it on the blockchain. With the properties of a blockchain, data auditing tools can be created to provide transparency and auditability to the community.

Price Comparisons

By aggregating data from across multiple industries, users are able to create accurate price models on products. Hence, users are able to create price comparison websites and applications for any new industry.

Competitor Tracking

By utilising the Omnilytics Platform, users are able to track the aggregate performance of multiple players across product segments. This enables users to create competitor tracking applications and even enable in-house market intelligence departments to perform competitive analysis.

Due Diligence

Hedge funds, mutual funds and more broadly investment firms are able to perform due diligence by using market intelligence data on companies based on public e-commerce inventory data and private data provided by Data Partners.

Image Recognition

Artificial intelligence companies are able to train or reinforce their image recognition models on prepared datasets i.e. pre-tagged images. This is due to the prepared, structured, and processed data on the Omnilytics Platform.

Industry Research

Using industry-wide data sources, marketers and analysts are able to perform industry research for their company and further their competitive analysis efforts.

Machine Learning Models

Machine learning companies are able to train or reinforce their machine learning on prepared datasets i.e. pre-categorised datasets. This is due to the prepared, structured, and processed data on the Omnilytics Platform.


Auditors or personnels in financial services are able to use the Omnilytics Platform to audit the financial status of the organisation. This is ascertained by using public and private data sources on the organisation.

Marketing Tools

Marketing tools for aiding the creation of marketing strategies can be created with the Platform’s cross-industry datasets. For example, marketers are able to craft an advertising campaign’s target audience, expected reach, and the best call-to-actions.

Online Analytics

Industry-specific online analytics tools can be created by startups and market intelligence companies. These tools provide detailed analytics that gives companies the ability to analyse the performance of their business.

Trend Forecasting

Building on top of Omnilytics Platform’s historical dataset, trend forecasting applications that help forecast upcoming trends and fashions for companies can be developed.

Trading Data

Due to the linearly-stored timestamped nature of data on the Omnilytics Platform, trading firms or research houses are able to construct order books of a certain asset whether it be the price of a lipstick or the price of a Bitcoin.

Consumer Insights

Applications that infer or discover consumer insights on past, existing and potential consumers can be developed with cross-industry datasets. These insights include their preferences, geographic location, and other basic details.


Industry-specific indexes are able to be generated with industry data. Index companies are able to infer the ranking of the individual companies by building models on top of the Omnilytics Platform’s data.

Time Machine

Organisations are able to traverse through the time series snapshots of any piece of data on the Omnilytics Platform. With time travel capabilities for any piece of data, organisations can keep track of revisions and changes of their datasets.

Project Management

Business intelligence tools that build on the Omnilytics Platform can accurately aid an executive to make strategic decisions for how a project or company should move forward.