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OmniML Emerges from Stealth to Empower Edge AI Everywhere with Ease

OmniML’s technology focuses on hardware-aware model compression before training, which unlocks massive potential for performance and efficiency gain

OmniML Secures $10M in Seed

OmniML has secured $10 million in seed funding to achieve its mission of making edge AI easily accessible to people everywhere. The seed round is led by GGV Capital with additional investment by Qualcomm Ventures, Foothill Ventures, and other prominent venture capital firms.

OmniML Technology

OmniML’s technology has helped many customers streamline their AI/ML model creation process and let the machine engineers focus on the core ML algorithms for their cameras and other edge devices while OmniML optimizes and enables advanced computer vision (CV) models to be easily deployed, maintained, and enhanced at the edge. Its software enables AI/ML algorithms to run on individual devices with no need for additional local processing or battery power and eliminates the need to send data for analysis and inference to the cloud or data centers.

OmniML” Compress” the Model Before Training — bringing HW deployment constraints into model design and training
This is where OmniML enters the picture and empowers your devices with advanced AI capabilities
3D Detection and sensor fusion with multiple cameras
OmniML enable efficient AI — creating the best models on different platforms effortlessly



Enables greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency in AI by creating deep learning models that bridge the gap between AI applications and the diverse range of mobile devices found on the edge

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OmniML Inc.

OmniML is an enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) company that aims to effortlessly empower edge AI everywhere.