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OmniML launches Omnimizer, a platform that re-imagines MLOps for efficient AI

Omnimizer unleashes the true potential of on-device performance by adapting computationally intensive AI applications while reducing the time and cost of development and deployment

Figure 1: Omnimizer workflow
Figure 2: Omnimizer augments model compression by adapting the model
Figure 3: Omnimizer overview
  • FastNAS: A lightweight neural architecture search function that does not require additional training. It operates in a reduced search space compared to AutoNAS with greater efficiency and robustness.
  • Deploy: Compile and export model to be runnable on major hardware platforms.



Enables greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency in AI by creating deep learning models that bridge the gap between AI applications and the diverse range of mobile devices found on the edge

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OmniML Inc.

OmniML is an enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) company that aims to effortlessly empower edge AI everywhere.