11 Questions for Blockchain Community Manager, Simona Pop

Simona Pop is the head of marketing and community for the Bounties Network. The Bounties Network makes it easy to outsource the completion of any task or project, from code to design, translation to social impact, and more.

1) List five adjectives that describe you






2) Which living person do you most admire?

I’m going with Naval Ravikant, the CEO of AngelList. I find his Twitter musings the perfect medium to consume insight and perspective, perfectly aligned with my views on collaborative wisdom. One of my favourite lines is “Cynicism is easy. Mimicry is easy. Optimistic contrarians are the rarest breed.”

3) What do you most value in your friends?

Their emotional intelligence. I think it’s probably why we connected throughout our journeys. I will at times get very focused on a project or travel for a longer period of time or even move country but it never lessens the relationship I have with them. Understanding that meaningful connection does not necessarily mean daily connection is something I treasure in all my close relationships.

4) Where would you most like to live?

I love the fact that I can work from anywhere, at any time, without worrying about geographical restrictions. That flexibility is incredibly important in terms of maintaining creativity and a general enthusiasm for all that is to discover in the world. I currently live in Brighton, in the UK. I like to describe it as miniature Brooklyn/Berlin by the sea, which I love. I am also planning on working out of Bilbao in the Basque Country for a few weeks later this year or next year. I’m basically living the future of work whilst helping others join me.

5) What is your current state of mind?


6) What is your motto?

Imagination is everything!

7) Why are you passionate about your project?

The Bounties Network is one of the few live dApps in the ecosystem. One of the most rewarding and exciting aspects of this is being able to offer people the chance to interact with the blockchain and earn their very first tokens in the process. It takes Ethereum beyond ideation into concrete expression, which is one of the key struggles audiences have when it comes to wrapping their heads around blockchain. It allows us to create projects like the BRLNCoin and work opportunities for people across geographies. The most recent plan I am working on is connecting universities and organizations in Venezuela so that they may use the Bounties Network as a job board. It’s pretty amazing.

8) Tell us the best story about your community

I think my favourite story is the story of this bounty I setup and I encourage everyone reading this to make a submission to it. I was chatting to a young man called Hameed in our Slack community and he was telling me about an imminent trip he was making back to Iraq. You see, he is an Iraqi refugee living in Dubai and he was due to visit some of his relatives who are still back home. I asked him how he felt about it all and he explained that he was torn between the love he has for his homeland and the resentment towards all the ills and violence plaguing right now. It got me thinking that people have such different experiences of places: places they were born in, places they live in, places they’ve left behind. I want to build a decentralized map showcasing areas of the world through the eyes of the people experiencing them vs a centralized news or documentary camera lens.

9) What are three things you find the most challenging about your job?

➡️Switching off — I find myself coming up with new ideas at all times or entering into conversations about new and interesting perspectives. When you are so passionate about what you are creating, it’s difficult to step away sometimes.

➡️Remote Communication — as a remote first company, communication is one of the key ingredients for a successful team. Because we are all spread out across six continents, keeping in synch is a conscious act in order to maintain and improve relationships whilst growing the company. We all get so busy sometimes, a nudge to connect is the best thing to do.

➡️Travel balance — Traveling for events, speaking engagements or meetups is wonderful from the perspective of engaging new communities and meeting the most amazing people. But travelling can take its toll on wellbeing and productivity, especially when it’s long haul. I find that settling into a productive streak with a healthy dose of rest is a bit more difficult when I’m in a new place or just got back from a long journey. But then, we are incredibly adaptable creatures, all we need to do is find a balance.

10) What are three things about your job makes you feel the most fulfilled?

1. Collaboration 2.0

Being part of the Bounties Network, a ConsenSys formation, has turbocharged this for me.The ability to increase collaboration between seemingly unrelated parties is genuinely one of the most exciting and meaningful things we can do with a decentralized network. Within ConsenSys and across the work we are doing with the Bounties Network, collaboration is stretching well beyond the parameters and borders traditional systems have provided so far.

2. Positive impact

I believe one of the key strengths of blockchain is the levelling out of the playing field when it comes to access to information, resource and work. Creating projects like our collaboration with Code to Inspire in Afghanistan or the environmental bounty we launched with MakerDAO, enable us to galvanize verifiable positive action across the globe.

3. Community work

It’s been one of the steadily rewarding aspects of my role as head of communication and community. Our community members make our world go round and it’s so exciting to find out about their journeys and what brought them to blockchain and the Bounties Network. I regularly interview active members and want to share their stories because they truly are working together on building the new P2P world.

11) What is your biggest accomplishment as a community manager?

Broadening the access to blockchain and the Ethereum ecosystem to verticals outside the core developer community. Learning sessions, open discussions and architecting bounties across a number of verticals like design, social impact, multilingual translations or event engagement have been key to enabling new audiences to interact with the blockchain and even earn their first tokens. Ask me again in a couple of months and I will have even more!

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