Looking good… Omnitude’s final figures, and the onward path

The end of the beginning is here… at Omnitude we have been wrapping up the initial phase of launching our blockchain project into the real world. We have crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s and thought it was high time we gave you a status update. There is some good news for all participants below so read on…
Success during the sale
It’s safe to say that the sale period was particularly bearish… it was a challenging market and we were certainly at the sharp end of it. However, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and we have come out the other side even more convinced that our project will help push blockchain into the mainstream.
We scored three major partnerships during our sale; Williams Martini Racing, the Government of Malta and Absolute Taste. We believe this is testament to the potential they see in blockchain technology and a belief in the Omnitude team, our real world experience, vision, transparency and dedication.
Final amount raised
The sale has been tallied and a final figure of $12,613,210.13 was raised. You’ll notice this differs from the $8,062,733.31 received at the end of May 2018, but as you know, before the end of the Token Sale we received some interest from a number of funds who saw the potential of the business and project as a whole.
During all this time we have been in deep negotiations with these groups working towards securing capital to accelerate the growth of our platform. We were very clear with them that we needed to have a fair deal for Omnitude and our investors.
We also wanted to make sure that everyone who contributed to our project had full visibility on what discounts had been offered. We continued to insist that whatever deal was struck, that it was equitable for both parties but more importantly for you, our initial contributors. We are happy to say that these negotiations are now concluded and the average token price was $0.43.
Now that the sale has been finalised, we have audited and concluded our bounty too. Since the beginning of our bounty program, we allocated 2% of tokens to bounty participants.
With the final amount of $12,613,210.13 being raised via the sale, the bounty payout will be 588,422 ECOM. 
Bounty tokens will be released one month after we launch on exchanges. We will keep participants up to date via the Bounty Telegram channel. We’ll be publishing the bounty rewards on our Master Sheet early next week.
We can now confirm the $5M (10,869,565.21739130 ECOM) airdrop information as well as the additional token burn plan. We will share the specifics of how the airdrop will work in due course, but it means that all contributors to the token sale will receive a 37% token bonus, which we hope is a very exciting bit of news for you all. The token burn information can be found in the token analysis below.

If you participated in our referral programme, thank you. Referral programme tokens are now available to claim via the Token Sale dashboard. 
The Future
Thank you again for your dedication and participation in our token sale. We are commencing the journey of a lifetime creating a revolutionary blockchain solutions platform that will shape the future of how blockchain technology interacts with systems and people. We are committed to driving more partnerships and engaging further with you all.
You can get stuck into discussions across our social channels (in the footer of this email) from Telegram, Reddit and Twitter. We’d love to hear your thoughts and so you can help us shape this exciting space.
Omnitude will be expanding quickly over the course of the next year and we look forward to bringing you along on this exciting journey.

Until next time remember; 
Omnitude, it’s everything.
Chris Painter
Founder and CEO