The Big Ask — Getting to know Omnitude’s CEO Chris Painter

Learn more about what about our CEO Chris Painter thinks about blockchain technology and what the success of Omnitude looks like to him.

1. Where do you live, work and play?

I live & work between the south of the UK and London, play in London in the few moments I get between meetings when visiting other cities!

2. Describe your role in Omnitude

I’m the founder & CEO, I originally thought of the idea, worked the earliest whitepapers and have been lucky to bring on the amazing team now helping bring it to market.

3. What do you love about your job?

The scale of what we are trying to achieve and the support we have from our community to do it.

4. How long have you worked in the ‘tech’ industry?

Since I was 21, 14 years!

5. What are your favourite things?

Wine, beer and tech.

6. Why does blockchain technology excite you?

Blockchain will underpin our entire lives, it’s the most dramatic shift in technology since the web!

7. What are your biggest hopes and fears regarding the future of blockchain technology?

I hope it brings more transparency and governance to our lives, empowering people to own their data and use it how they want.

8. Have you invested in ICOs?

A few!

9. What’s your claim to fame?

Probably now, Omnitude!

10. What does the success of Omnitude look like to you?

Changing the world through tech & funding creators to build their own apps within the Omnitude ecosystem.