The Big Ask …Getting to know Omnitude’s CTO James Worthington

James Worthington is the Chief Technology Officer at Omnitude. From his thoughts on blockchain technology to his worldwide travels, here are some answers from the man behind the code.

1. Where do you live, work and play?
I am based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA but work wherever needed (Zurich, London, Malta, and London again in the last 6 weeks!). I also play in Scotland and Switzerland.

2. Describe your role in Omnitude?
As CTO I am responsible for designing, building, and delivering the Omnitude platform and overseeing the technical team.

3. What do you love about your job?
The excitement of using a new technology to solve long-standing business and user issues in an extremely cost-effective way.

4. How long have you worked in the ‘tech’ industry?
It’s not fair to make me admit how old I am, but let’s just say 20+ years. And I actually built networks and wrote code long before that, and before there was really a ‘tech’ industry.

5. What are your favourite things?
Scottish fiddle, Swiss hot springs spas, and single malt whisky.

6. Why does blockchain technology excite you?
Blockchain is enabling me to finally build true multi-enterprise applications in a manner trusted by all participants and without centralised control.

7. What are your biggest hopes and fears regarding the future of blockchain technology?
As I am completely confident blockchain will succeed for business, I can’t really call that a hope. But I fear that too many people still confuse cryptocurrency with blockchain, and that the crypto platforms won’t develop enough robustness for global use as a daily currency.

8. Have you invested in ICOs?
Yes, although my interest is in enabling business use of blockchain technologies.

9. What’s your claim to fame?
I try to stay low-key and I am not interested in fame. But some of my proudest moments were during my tenure as Director of Materials Management for a small hospital when I was able to directly impact the quality of care provided and perhaps assist in saving a few lives.

10. What does the success of Omnitude look like to you?
Millions of people and businesses using and creating blockchain enabled applications with the Omnitude platform to great benefit.