The Big Ask…. Getting to know Omnitude’s Developer — Jake Hills

Non-developers see developers as folks who make magic out of code, and it’s safe to say that Jake is one gifted magician! However, there is much more to it than just coding like a machine the whole day. Find out more about Jake Hills and his job at Omnitude.

1. Where do you live, work and play?
I live in the south of the UK. The coast on one side, South Downs on the other. I’m all set.

2. Describe your role in Omnitude?
I am a Web developer (with a bit of UX design thrown in for good measure). I work closely with Jon Harris, our CBO, to help give Omnitude a front-end as elegant as the back.

3. What do you love about your job?
Omnitude is a company that encourages learning — and with a vast array of disciplines and open minds, skill-sharing is abundant here.

4. How long have you worked in the ‘tech’ industry?
Coming up to a decade! It’s changed a lot in that time. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 10 years brings.

5. What are your favourite things?
The outdoors, hiking, mountain biking, camping, photography and live music.

6. Why does blockchain technology excite you?
Similar to the SETI@home experiment, blockchain technology could be used to manage and utilise the processing power of every Internet connected device across the globe, essentially transforming the entire earth into a colossal supercomputer.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fan in me can’t help but get excited.

7. What are your biggest hopes and fears regarding the future of blockchain technology?
I hope the technology becomes widely adopted and embraced as part of our everyday lives. With real-world applications, blockchain can solidify itself as a familiar and fair way to advance entire industries. That’s what we’re trying to do here at Omnitude.

8. Have you invested in ICOs?
I haven’t yet. Before Omnitude, not much piqued my interest.

9. What’s your claim to fame?
I won a Tracy Beaker themed TV phone-in competition when I was younger. I received a drawstring bag containing a mug, a pen, a keyring light and an afro wig.

10. What does the success of Omnitude look like to you?
Seeing something we’ve built actively improving the operations of our customers’ businesses.