Update on Roadmap progress

As we continue to develop our abstracted blockchain architecture and its associated products we felt it only right to keep you in the loop.

We have been extremely busy over the past few months establishing the foundation products and frameworks, alongside seeking brand new business opportunities and clients for our broad based blockchain solutions. So busy in fact that this update is overdue.

Recently we have succeeded in creating and crafting additional functionality onto our initial product The Omnitude ID.

In Q4 2018 we completed Omnitude Core the abstracted architecture that underpins all of our products and ecosystem. We also finalised the functionality of Omnitude ID allowing a unique and trusted Self-sovereign Identity system that allowed users to choose what data to share and with whom on a granular level. Not only have we created a pioneering Self-sovereign framework but one on which transactions can be executed with ease.

Micro-transactions are fundamental in ensuring that this reward ecosystem works with little overall cost, easing the process of financial movement of crypto assets between participants. Stellar and it’s fast low-cost system of transfer was perfect to enable this functionality. This was a world first as an integration between Stellar and Hyperledger fabric alongside utilising Indy as a driver for identity functionality. It was a pioneering project and was no easy task. After successful trials we then dismantled the whole piece and rebuilt it so it not only functioned more exactly, but also elegantly, ahead of time and in excess of our promise to have transactional functionality built in by Q2 2019.

Alongside this we ensured that Omnitude ID would function equally as well for Devices and Organisations. All of these attributes and functional aspects are now incorporated within our system.

In Q1 2019 we have been refining the interfaces and also adding bespoke functionality to the whole package. Attributes are now incorporated as outlined in Omnitude Chain and the ability to enter preferences for any set of attributes is now live.

Omnitude ID can now function fully on any CS Cart site irrespective of the age of the site as it is a native integration within their platform. With Stellar incorporated also micro transactional functionality is able to happen between seller and user as a reward system.

Micro transactions are a game changer within the ecosystem and due to Stellar’s low transactional cost has become a reality for the first time within our ecosystem. Fast transactional speeds are now a fact and sets us up perfectly for the delivery of the complete initial package.

As we have developed the functionality of our platform alongside live conversations with businesses and clients we have grown to understand more fully the commercial potential of our system. This has made us rethink the rest of the milestones we had put in place for Q1 2019.

Organisation rating has been downgraded currently and superseded by our Certification package outlined initially for Q2. Certificates of Authenticity, Possession and Ownership are fundamentally more important to our Clients in real world application of this technology. We are working on them now. Certificate of Supply Chain Management and Aggregation will follow.

All roadmaps change. It’s the nature of developing technology, and we also change alongside them.

The prioritising of certification allows us to enter Supply Chain, Pharmaceutical, infrastructure and data transmission projects with a “build it once use it many times” product suite at the earliest opportunity, and it is this base functionality that is causing such excitement amongst our prospective client base.

The commercial potential of Omnitude ID within this package is far in excess of its initial projection around eCommerce as it becomes a cornerstone of our system. What initially appeared to be the obvious benefit for consumers presents huge benefit for Enterprise too. Allowing them to secure their supply chains and systems alongside adopting many other benefits of distributed ledger technology. When combined with our certification products we have a world beating combination of functionality.

So where is the Omnitude ID then? We hear you asking. With a final polish it will be with you in a matter of weeks, we would very much like you to kick the tyres and play with it so that we can get some valuable feedback on functionality and design. What you will see is not just the initial product, but a demonstrable illustration of all of the functionality that we have promised to date. We have already sought feedback from vendors, now with this demonstrative product we can get your feedback too. It’s here it works, and we are rightly proud of it.

Remember when you see it, it is still early on in the development product cycle, it does everything we said it would, it looks decent, but it’s potential has far outstripped our initial plans for it. When you start to think abstractly about using it across many aspects of Enterprise I am sure you will be as excited as we are in understanding it’s potential.

So onwards and upwards, Omnitude continues to deliver against its word and more besides, now if you will excuse us, we have work to do…

Thank you
Omnitude Team