Unveiling the Octopus & Qubix Gaming Tournament

Battling for 10,000 OCT Prize Pool!

Omnity Network
3 min readDec 2, 2023


Qubix x Octopus Network Gaming Tournament

Join the exhilarating challenge presented by Octopus Network and Qubix! Compete for a share of the impressive 10,000 OCT prize pool. Ready to showcase your skills?

Qubix Gaming Tournament Rules and Regulations:

Week 1 — Casual Mode (Dec 1–7):

  1. Participants must register through the provided registration form to be eligible for Week 1.
  2. The competition will be in casual mode, and winners will be determined based on win rate. In case of a tie, total wins will be considered, followed by total kills.
  3. The top 3 players in Week 1 will receive 10% of the total prize pool.

Week 2 — Rank Mode (Dec 8–17):

  1. Participants from week one are not required to register again, but please register if you haven’t yet.
  2. Week 2 will be in rank mode, and winners will be determined based on win rate. In case of a tie, total wins will be considered, followed by total kills.
  3. The top 3 players in Week 2, along with the player with the highest kills, will share 90% of the total prize pool.

(*) NOTE: Win rate % will be shown after you reach 50 matches.

Prize Pool:

  • Total Prize Pool: 10000 OCT
  • Week 1 (Casual Mode): 10% of the prize pool will be distributed among the top 3 players.
  • Week 2 (Rank Mode): 90% of the prize pool will be distributed among the top 3 players based on win rate, and the player with the highest kills.

Rules and Regulations for Fair Play:

  1. Fair Play Policy:
    - Participants must adhere to the principles of fair play, sportsmanship, and ethical conduct throughout the tournament.
  2. Anti-Cheating Measures:
    - The use of third-party software or any form of cheating is strictly prohibited.
    - Randomized in-game checks will be conducted to detect and penalize cheating.
  3. Account Integrity:
    - Each participant must use a single gaming account for the entire tournament.
    - Any attempt to manipulate or share accounts will result in disqualification.
  4. Communication Etiquette:
    - Respectful and sportsmanlike behavior is expected in all forms of communication, including in-game chat and community platforms.
  5. Reporting Suspicious Activity:
    - Participants are encouraged to report any suspicious behavior or cheating promptly to the tournament organizers.
  6. Penalties for Violations:
    - Violations of fair play, cheating, or misconduct will result in disqualification from the tournament and potential future events.
  7. Organizer Discretion:
    - The organizers reserve the right to investigate and take appropriate action for any unforeseen circumstances not explicitly covered in the rules.
  8. Appeals Process:
    - Participants may submit appeals to the organizers within 24 hours of a ruling, accompanied by relevant evidence.
  9. Game Integrity:
    - Any attempt to exploit bugs or glitches in the game for an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited.
  10. Responsibility of Participants:
    - Participants are responsible for ensuring they are aware of and comply with all rules and regulations.

Remember, the success of the Qubix Gaming Tournament relies on fair competition and the spirit of friendly rivalry. Enjoy the game responsibly!

Game Information:

1. The game features auto-aim and auto-fire mechanics for shooting enemies. Players need to place enemies in their circle, and the character will automatically aim and shoot.
2. Special abilities include freezing enemies, cannon shot, and speed boost, activated through buttons on the right during the match.
3. Players can customize their characters for free in the “Shop” section, choosing weapons, hats, skins, and cube emotions.
4. Maps include Octopus and NEAR, providing variety for players.
5. During battles, players can collect upgrades, boosts, and dog tags to enhance their gameplay.

Community Engagement:

Participants are encouraged to join the Qubix chat on Telegram to become part of the community and stay updated on announcements and discussions.


- Complete the registration process just once.
- In case of any disputes, the decision of the organizers will be final.
- Registration is open until the deadline.
- Enjoy the game and good luck to all participants!