September 2018 Update

In September, the Exchange Service, underwent internal testing and continous Overall improvements. A presentable stage is getting closer, with new features such as QR-Codes for IOTA addresses giving more fluid connection for use with the new IOTA Trinity Wallet.

The month of September was rounded off by a first test round in a smaller circle. This resulted in new insights and improvement opportunities for the Operation and the security of the service which are followed up with immediate implementation. Further tests are also planned for the coming weeks. Real transactions will also be carried out. As soon as the tests are extended to a larger audience, more Details will be provided. The final date for the start of these tests has not yet been set.

Progress in September 2018

Here are some of the progress and milestones achieved in August:

  • Sales orders have been implemented
  • Improved connection to the Trinity Wallet through QR-Code
  • SEPA contracts have been integrated
  • Potential vulnerabilities have been fixed and an improved token management has been implemented
  • Miscellaneous improvements to the mobile user interface including a refinement of the Progressive Web App (PWA).
  • Initial testing of the Exchange Service

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