Reducing Your Karmic Footprint

4 Ways to Rethink and Recycle the Fruits of Your Actions

by Liane Buck What is Karmic Footprint?

Karma is a Spiritual concept usually applied by Eastern religions; for some, Karma is the Law of Retribution in action. As a Law, it does not necessarily represent a bad thing, but the need for balance in nature. It allows us to learn and understand diverse points of view, through experiencing the different aspects and perspectives of life.

But the truth is how can one balance one’s lives in such a chaotic world?

If you share the common belief that we are all One and we are all related, we realize that the minimum actions and dealings can ripple in our lives, out to other’s lives and on to our entire Planet.

So, how can we grow as Individuals, help Mother Earth and reduce our Karmic footprint on our already overloaded planet?

There are many different types of Karma, but the one type we are going to concentrate on here is the Kriyamana Karma, which corresponds to the result of the gathering of all our actions (good or bad) in this current life. We can say that our Karmic Footprint is the aggregation of our daily actions that can create a wave and influence and touch other’s lives. As a result, if we are able to change, transmute and reduce most of our impact, at least the bad aspects of it in our present situation, much can be done for the good of our Earthly community.

There are no miraculous keys or definite solutions, but there […]


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