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Less distractions, more productivity.

Kids Are Getting Distracted

A study by Pearson has revealed that according to parents, primary and pre-school aged children spend three times as much of their time ‘onscreen’ activity at home as they are on reading traditional books. On average the study shows they might spend about 44 minutes a day on reading.

Creating Healthy Relationships With Our Devices

Two friends, Levi Felix and Brooke Dean, once went on long trip to Cambodia. They worked on farms and volunteered for non-profits. One day on their journey they stumbled on a secluded guesthouse on a Cambodian island.

Tech Free Mornings

My friend Bill Tribble, a fellow UX designer practices tech free mornings. He’s been making a conscious effort to disconnect (or perhaps, ‘stay disconnected’) — from when he wakes up, to when he begins his commute or starts his work. His key tips for the morning are:

  1. Disconnection from the internet
  2. 2. Focused, intentional work, play or whatever you like



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