Inverted Branding

Strategic brand contractions

Recently we watched McDonald’s give away pedometers in Happy Meals and Domino’s introduce salads to its menus. Farther back, we also learned that Barnes & Noble will be serving booze, and Friday’s redesigned itself with “Millennials” in mind.

Last summer we watched Lululemon unveil its very own beer, and most recently, we’ve just heard that the winter-jacket phenom, Canada Goose, is looking to bet on spring wear, a move which literally contradicts the brand’s own name and history.
While the idea of expanding one’s own market is neither new nor applaudable, such moves are always worth noting as they expose a brand’s genuine aspirations and goals. Despite how contradictory these moves appear, they reveal and highlight the deeper self-projections of the business.

There’s a thin line which exists between desperate in-authenticity and a well thought out path to broaden ones’ business. However, most often, it is time that helps differentiate the two.

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