Fulfillment is Your Journey Home. Take It.

What Fulfillment is and Where it Comes From

Consciousness is not a place. It’s a journey we must go through. If we are to arrive home. At fulfillment.

Half our lives we’re unconscious. We’re asleep. But the other half, are we truly there?

At best, we’re semi-conscious, maybe 40% of the time. We’re doing work we don’t really believe in, in relationships we don’t really enjoy, engaged in action without intention or meaning or passion or truth. Perhaps just five percent of the time we feel fully alive, aware, awake, do we not? Just go ahead and ask yourself.

You ask me: why am I not fulfilled? That is the simplest answer. How can anyone be fulfilled when 90% of their life is empty of meaning, grace, truth, passion?

To be fulfilled, we must first be fully there. And then we must go beyond that. Not unconscious, nor just conscious, but beyond consciousness. We have gone through consciousness. Now we understand it is a journey, which leads us all to the same destination. Home. To pure being.

That’s abstract, complicated, so let’s simplify.

First we are unconscious. Asleep. Dreaming. Nothing has meaning or intention here.

Then we are semi conscious. We are acting on orders, without attention, intention. We are still asleep this way, right? We are mostly daydreaming or pretending or wishing we were not there.

If we go beyond this, we are conscious. We are fully engaged in action. We don’t just perform, we live it. We intend it, mean it. Whether it is work or love. It isn’t just an empty fling or a pointless job. Think. Only now can we live lives of meaning, then, right?

But we are still not fulfilled, are we?

So we must go beyond consciousness. Now we become aware that our mind is doing the thinking, cognising. Our mental formations are fabrications, constructions. We can watch them, because there is a deeper part of us. The observer who listens to our mental chatter and sees our visualisations. Now we can watch ourselves being conscious, can we not?

This is awareness. Now and only now can we step towards fulfilment. Only when we observe ourselves can we be compassionate, loving, kind, honest, towards ourselves, right? And only when we’re so with ourselves can we be so with others, right? Otherwise, our fear, anxiety, envy, and the rest will always control us, will it not? But now we know they are just anticipations, expectations, and so they are fabrications, illusions.

What is real, all that is real, is this journey we are taking. That is why we must have compassion and gratitude towards every thing, beginning with ourselves. We are all on the same journey, are we not?

Now we are really aware.

But to truly be fulfilled, we must take the next step. Beyond awareness, and into action. We have watched ourselves bring conscious. Compassion and truth were born.

Now we can act selflessly, can we not? When we have watched ourselves being conscious then we know the little self, the ego, is just a shell. Now we don’t have to let its desires and suffering be all we are. The true us is the observer. We can let the little self go. What purpose does it serve now? It was only there to guide us here.

So we can act with pure intention. Clear intention. True intention. Everything we say, do, think, believe is not just meant. It is also beautiful, true, kind, graceful. At last, it is loving.

We have come home. To what we truly are. We have become love. Beyond consciousness, in pure being, we know all things are one. Their journey is your journey is my journey, is it not? The paths were different. But the destination is the same. They all lead home. That is the birth of love. And now we can enact it in every endless instant, in every thought and word, can we not?

Lao Tzu called this actionless action, Jesus selflessness, Buddha going beyond illusion. I will just call it coming home. The river has flowed into the ocean. We have gone through the journey of consciousness. And arrived at its destination. Pure being. The suffering in us becoming love.

And that is what fulfillment is.



May 2016