What Happens In a Natural Beauty Coaching Session

What do YOU think is beautiful?

Orianna Nienan
May 21 · 5 min read
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I launched a business website last year to provide services for awakening humans. I also created a course that included knowledge I have synthesized from hundreds of books and my experience from thousands of hours of self-exploration, meditation, and other practices to expand awareness.

I have been a self-employed consultant for a long time, and I continued to provide my services to my business clients while trying to figure out how to market my services to the public. I have 20+ years of experience in business development, but I have been focused on business-to-business or business-to-government, and I do not know anything about marketing to the populous. So, my public-facing business didn’t take off.

The beauty of seeing something that doesn’t work is that you can change it as many times as you want. No one thinks you’re psycho (not that you would care) because no one is watching as you continually tweak your service offerings.

This brings me around to the topic of this article. In a moment of trying to figure out what I wanted to offer, I thought of providing natural beauty consultations. I didn’t look online at what other people were doing. (Actually, I DID look to see if this was even a term in use.) It came to mind because I had wanted to write more about what it means to be beautiful. And I had become frustrated that it is STILL difficult to find natural beauty products. It is wayyyy better than it was 10 years ago — I used to make homemade deodorant and toothpaste. But as companies have caught on to the trend, there are now some decent options. (And I have tried a lot of them.)

However, I continue to struggle to find natural hair color options that don’t look like I had my hair done in a bathtub in the backyard.

When will people realize that Nature is beautiful? That She is abundant and georgous?

Where I think we can get a little “off” is regarding our intention to look beautiful. Do you feel you need to be beautiful to attract something or lure someone? Why can’t someone want to look beautiful for themselves? Because they feel beautiful inside, and they want to show that beauty authentically on the outside? Does it HAVE to be about pleasing someone else? Or can your aesthetic choices be based on finding alignment with what YOU think is beautiful?

I think the key here is to step away from all of the magazines, all of your girlfriends, and even from your own past style choices. Step back and evaluate what YOU find beautiful.

The first step in a natural beauty consultation is to help someone step away from all their “ideas” about what is beautiful and get really honest about what beauty is for them. What makes them feel beautiful.

This is the work BEFORE any discussion of hair cuts or colors, the work BEFORE discussing what length sleeves are flattering. Shit, maybe you don’t care about what is considered “flattering,” and you want to wear glittery tank tops every day. Or maybe you feel a lot safer and more comfortable in turtlenecks — even in summer. But you don’t get to these answers until you dig deep, dig past all of the societal conditioning.

This is the starting point in a natural beauty session. At least the way I have designed it. And for sure, I made it up. But I know it is a good way to go because I have been doing this work myself.

Since I identified a gap in my skills around marketing to the public, I have been reading. “Everyone” (whoever that is) says that you need to offer something for free. I do that all the time anyway, so here goes. Below are two practices you can do on your own as part of your self-directed natural beauty consultation.

Practice 1: Journal Assignment

Get a journal dedicated to exploring beauty. First assignment: write about what you think is beautiful. This may be harder than you think. And you may end up filling this journal over time as you release all of the things I have mentioned above. Try to remember to be KIND to yourself. Speak to yourself as you would a friend.

If you sit down to write about what you think is beautiful and you only come up with 3 or 4 sentences, you have some work to do — and that’s okay! Come back to the journal every day for two weeks and see what else you can add.

Practice 2: Pinterest

Once you feel that you have released enough of your societal filters about what is beautiful and dug down into the depths, sign up for Pinterest and create a beauty board. It’s your project — create as many beauty boards as you want. Now spend time looking at images—hair cuts, clothes, jewelry, artworks, photography, sculpture, natural landscapes. Try not to limit yourself to pictures of people wearing specific outfits. I encourage a broader view. Perhaps over time, you will begin to see everything as beautiful. Rather than narrowing your view, you may begin to see beauty all around you.

So, this is the work of natural beauty consulting. At least at the beginning. Once the mind starts to shift, the external stuff follows!

Thanks for reading!

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