Synopsis on Tami Simon-Inner Life at Work: Business, Meditation, and Technology

  • Embrace the gaps: There is an openness when one pauses. The quietness can actually be a conduit for new ideas clearly responding to the situation at hand. Practical ways to embrace the gaps: Start meetings with a minute of silence. Take long pauses in speeches.
  • Consider all the stakeholders when making decisions (including ideas as stakeholders): Tami makes a very utilitarian argument for considering employees, customers, suppliers, vendors, and even ideas themselves. Ideas should be respected; we don’t want to dilute them or dumb them down, because then the main point of business would be diminished.
  • Think about your posture: If you examine your posture when in meetings, it will tell you a lot about how you will react. If one is clenching, one may say something reactive and angry without meaning to say anything at all. I love this idea and research (although this research has recently been debunked) shows how you hold yourself maters a great deal. In general, this takeaway is about being self-aware.
  • Be true to the longings of your heart: Tami credits being able to declare the prayer in her heart was critical to her life unfolding. She surrendered in an active way by saying, “God, I’m willing to do your work. Please show me what it is.” She was willing it, but not pushing it into being.