Pay-per-Story-Platform Blendle Is Growing More Than Four Times as Fast in Germany Than in Holland

And also we can announce over half a million users. All ready to pay for high quality journalism.

It seems crazy, but it’s only one month ago when Blendle first launched in Germany. To celebrate this, the team and I drove out to the countryside to celebrate. There was mountain biking, lots of water park fun and some serious dancing. At some point though, inevitably, we flipped open our laptops and dove into the numbers of the first month in Germany. Today, exactly one month after launch, I’d like to share some of those with you.

We’ve grown our user base to over half a million people — 500.000 mostly young people who are perfectly happy with paying a few cents to become smarter, better informed and more knowledgable about what’s going on in the world. Who want to read all they want, but only pay for what they really loved. We think it’s the the most fair deal out there. In Holland many agree with this, and it seems as if Germans do so, too.

If you’re not one of our half million users yet, sign up here. We’ll give you 2.50 € to start reading immediately. Without any risk, without subscription but with a nifty refund feature.

So, how has it been going in Germany? The short answer is: it’s been going really well. The numbers look pretty much like they did in Holland, it’s just that they are getting bigger faster. In Holland, Blendle already is a success, with revenues doubling every six months. Still, our growth in Germany is even stronger.

We compared the numbers of our first month in Germany with the ones in Holland from that time: we’re growing four times as quickly in Germany. We also reached our milestone of 50.000 articles sold four times faster. And in Germany, the number of users who put the maximum of 50 Euros in their Blendle wallet is more than double of the number in Holland.

What hasn’t changed though: our users are young, and they love high quality journalism. Our list of the most popular articles looks strikingly different from what you’d see on Facebook or Buzzfeed or Twitter. No Listicles. No quick news shots. No muddied waters between ads and editorial content. Nothing but Germany’s best journalism.

Our best selling story right now is a super smart deep dive into the future of the Middle East. Author Wilfried Buchta shows in an easily understandable, wonderfully written way, how the situation could develop there in the next two decades. On second place, you’ll find a story by Bern Ulrich from Die Zeit, where he tears apart fear-mongering talking points in Germany’s debate around refugees. Meanwhile on Buzzfeed a trending story is “21 Momente, in denen Tchibo eindeutig viel zu weit gegangen ist”, 21 times Tschibo apparently really went too far.

Here are our top five best selling stories on Blendle right now

Starting now, we’ll update you every week on our most popular stories. But even more importantly, after our weekend of fun and number crunching, we’re back to work, looking only forward. Because as encouraging as these first numbers are, our journey in Germany and the world is not over anytime soon.

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On Blendle

Updates on our journalism startup

Marten Blankesteijn

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Eindbaas van Rector magnificus van Schrijver van De Grote Dictatortour. Doet van alles met @maaikheid.

On Blendle

Updates on our journalism startup

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