I’m Wesley Bowers. Here’s How I’m Breaking The Mold.

Greetings! My name is Wesley Bowers. I love music, cats, suits and more music. But probably more importantly, I love going against the grain and striving for self improvement. I want to live life to the fullest and experience all that life has to offer. Coming out of high school I knew college wasn’t the path for me. I wanted more than just a piece of paper that signals that I’m smart (or can follow instructions). For these reasons and more (well, except maybe for the cats) I decided to join Praxis!

Praxis is a new and innovative program that offers a unique alternative to college. The program is made for driven individuals or just about anyone looking to get something more out of their professional career. Instead of just sitting in a classroom, the class is designed to give you hands on experience by matching you with a startup company which you apprentice at. This is preceded by a very intensive 3 month boot-camp in which you take in a massive amount of information and work on projects that develop your personal goals and enhance your ability to provide value in your professional life.

In my work life I want to provide the most value that I can while working on projects that move the world forward in a positive direction. This can sometimes be challenging, but I know that working like this is the most fulfilling to me.

Living authentically will make people love you, and hate you.

One thing many people don’t know about me is that I’ve suffered a lot of abuse in my life. I did not grow up with the best parents so I ended up with a lot of emotional baggage and mental knots, some of which I still deal with to this day. I think the one positive thing about my past is that it inspires me so much to achieve success. Basically my choices are that I could stay and be emotional wreck, work a job that I hate and be “accepted” by my family, or I could make myself valuable by hard work, peruse what I’m passionate about, and be free of the crab mentality that was my origin.

My past has also influenced my beliefs to a great extent, many of which you could call controversial. One such belief is that I never think violence is a way to solve problems. This may not sound too radical to most people, but the truth is that people who say they take that sentence to heart, really only take it half heartedly. In my family (mostly my extended family) I have seen firsthand what effects emotional, verbal and physical abuse can have on a child. Many parents “discipline” their children by hitting them. This IS an attempt to use violence to solve a problem. It never works and has horrendously negative effects on the child. When I say I don’t think violence is a good idea ever, (except in self defense) I mean it.

Staying motivated is the key.

On a lighter note, I am currently at a point where I am starting to really make a difference in my life. I am working on a ton of projects in the Praxis program to help build my professional image and to build my value. I’ve created my own personal website, I’m doing a ton of writing and there’s even more to come. I know that for me, happiness is going to be the result of a lot of hard work. I remind myself of this at times to keep me motivated. Changing how I think in order to better improve my life has been such a huge step for me.

Probably the most helpful thing to keep me organized is my phone. I make notes, record voice memos, and plan out all my days activities on the calendar. This organization really helps my stay sane. There are times however where I feel very unmotivated to do anything. During times like this I accept the problem and tell myself that there will always be times like this and that it is normal. This helps me negotiate with myself and decide what work would be best for me to do today and how I can use my other time to relax and stay sane. This works really well for me. The more I come to terms with myself the more motivated I am in general. Thankfully I also have amazing friends that I can always rely on for support and a different perspective.

Some of the best advice I ever received I received quite recently. “Do not be afraid to step into your destiny”. Many people in life know what they want and what they are good at but they are afraid. Once you know your calling, you can fight it but it won’t go away. With Praxis, I really feel that I have taken a huge step in following my calling and it has resulted in a sense of certainty within my life.

So step into your destiny or don’t. The choice is yours!

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