The State Of AI

Ed Newton-Rex
Feb 18, 2017 · 3 min read

A list of the human tasks artificial intelligence has mastered.

2050. That’s the year by which artificial intelligence will be able to perform any intellectual task a human can perform, according to one survey of experts at a recent AI conference. Anything and everything any person has ever done in all of history — all of it doable, by 2050, by intelligent machines.

But what can AI do today? How close are we to that all-powerful machine intelligence? I wanted to know, but couldn’t find a list of AI’s achievements to date. So I decided to write one.

What follows is an attempt at that list. It’s not comprehensive, but it contains links to some of the most impressive feats of machine intelligence around. With advances in the field being made every week, I’ll add to the list as new research comes in to make sure it stays up-to-date.

And if you spot anything that’s missing, reply in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list (as well as adding you to the list of contributors 🙂).

What AI can do

Everyday human stuff

👓 Recognise objects in images

🗺 Navigate a map of the London Underground

👂 Transcribe speech better than professional transcribers

🌎 Translate between languages

😮 Speak

Pick out the bit of a paragraph that answers your question

😡 Recognise emotions in images of faces

🙊 Recognise emotions in speech


🚘 Drive

🚁 Fly a drone

🅿️ Predict parking difficulty by area

Science & Medicine

💊 Discover new uses for existing drugs

🚑 Spot cancer in tissue slides better than human epidemiologists

💉 Predict hypoglycemic events in diabetics three hours in advance

👁 Identify diabetic retinopathy (a leading cause of blindness) from retinal photos

🔬 Analyse the genetic code of DNA to detect genomic conditions

🕵 Detect a range of conditions from images

⚛️ Solve the quantum state of many particles at once


🌱 Detect crop disease

🚜 Spray pesticide with pinpoint accuracy

🌽 Predict crop yields

🥒 Sort cucumbers


💰 Spot burglars in your home

🙊 ️Write its own encryption language

🚓 Predict social unrest 5 days before it happens

🕵️ Unscramble pixellated images

😈 Detect malware

Verify your identity

💳 Anticipate fraudulent payment attacks before they happen


📈 Trade stocks

🏡 Handle insurance claims


Predict the outcomes of cases at the European Court of Human Rights with 79% accuracy

📚 Do legal case research

💰 Do due diligence on M&A deals

🚩 Flag errors in legal documents

Games & Tests

🤓 Beat 75% of Americans in a visual intelligence test

📺 Beat humans at Jeopardy

🎮 Absolutely nail Super Mario

👾 Play Breakout like a total pro

⚫️ Play Go better than humans

❤️ ️Beat the best human players at Texas Hold ’Em poker


📅 Schedule meetings by email

🏃 Be your personal trainer


🖥 Write software unit tests


Identify potentially threatening weather


🎨 Paint a pretty good van Gogh

📝 Write poems that get published

🎼 Write music

🖍 Design logos

🍳 Come up with its own recipes

🏈 ️Write sports articles for the Associated Press

🎬 Write film scripts

Play soccer badly

🎧 Recommend songs you’ll like

Boring but important

💋 Lip-read better than humans

🔋 Optimise energy usage in air-conditioning units in Google’s data centres

Full-on unbelievable stuff

👺 Become a Twitter troll

🎭 Collaborate (or become aggressive)

Write its own machine learning software

🕵️ Contributors 🕵️

Huge thanks to Nathan Benaich, Harry Lancaster, Elena Sinel, Guy Gamzu, Benjamin Chée, Julian Harris and Thomas Stone for helping compile this list.

Anything missing? Send me a link in the comments below.

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On Coding

Thoughts about writing code

Thanks to Daniel Layne

Ed Newton-Rex

Written by

Product Director at TikTok // Founder of Jukedeck // Composer with Boosey & Hawkes //

On Coding

On Coding

Thoughts about writing code

Ed Newton-Rex

Written by

Product Director at TikTok // Founder of Jukedeck // Composer with Boosey & Hawkes //

On Coding

On Coding

Thoughts about writing code

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