Fox Police: Squirrel Alert

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3 min readOct 27, 2023


Today we bring you a story from the South side of North Baltimore. A resident of a small neighborhood ‘Junksville’ was reported missing by her husband. After Mr. Dhurusami got home from work to his surprise he found the car and his wife Mrs. Salmonella absent from the house.
After waiting for several hours, and dialing for Misses, phone a bunch of times, he had to turn to the local police department to report a missing wife.

That’s not it, Mr. Dhurusami was told by the attendant at the station that they had found a damaged car on the side of a pavement up in smoke and a lady inside. According to the local police department, the lady was in shock due to the accident which incurred an impact on the lady’s head causing an injury. Apparently, the car had collided with a fire hydrant leaving the nearby residents aware of this incident, it was reported that the lady was unconscious in the car before the collision took place. After discussing the car details Dhurusami went to the police station to meet his wife.

‘She has lost it’…the attendant tells him. ‘She keeps fainting’

‘She is delusional and violent, she keeps screaming at the top of her lungs pulling her hair out.

‘Well, what is she saying?’

‘Go in and ask her’

‘You are not human! Go away from here you fox’

Nobody except the woman knows what she had gone through…to turn into this mad person.

The day is mildly busy for her feeble body as she does the dishes thinking about doing laundry next, looks out the window feels the silent air go in her lungs, and moves on to her work.

Moving around the house, picking up things, and putting them in the right order.

Ding! Dong!

She approaches the door opens the wooden gate and looks at the guest through the mesh grill. Totally stunned she looks at the police. Stiff to the core and paralyzed in the mind. A fox dressed up as a cop!!!

Howdy ma’am. Our department got an alert of a rogue beaver, whom we are trying to get back to the country. By tracking pawsteps we have come to the fact that it might be around this neighborhood. Have you seen it? Any abnormal suspicious activity you might have witnessed.

Oh, a fox police … Is it Halloween today? Am I dreaming… is this a dream? (pinches unmosturised arm)

Ma’am? Anything? Any information you can help me with?


Well, thanks, have a nice day. And feel free to report to us if you find anything suspicious, Here is my card. I’m FOX PD

She shuts the door without taking a breath and a state of denial and angst, goes straight to the window, looks through it pulling the curtain to the side, at the policefox, as he walks back to his bike, kickstarts it, and takes off away in the far.

Feeling a sudden panic and a certain she starts walking back and forth in the dimlit monsoon blue-filled room. Talking to herself as if validating her being.

Meanwhile, it’s life’s best day for an adventurous beaver. She has lived years away in exile away from her family. Her days are so monotonous, that there is not a single beaver in her life. She had no skills to survive in the wild. She was attracted to water always but was never taught how to build dams in the stream. Naturally curious and adventurous she has grown into a fearless creature who doesn’t belong anywhere.

Today she has seen the light and escaped her destiny of living and dying in the wild. As the surface under her foot changes from dried leaves and muddy floors to concrete cold roads, she enters the silent town of Junksville. Walking straight toward civilization.

beaver enters the home of this lady she watches this beaver inspecting things and sniffing shampoos and freaks the f out. What the hell!!