Taps leak code

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2 min readOct 21, 2023


Since I began coding using my eyes to read the code, and hands to put it into an editor, I had the misassumption of learning as many languages and considered it an achievement. But when I was asked to code a program, the only thing I could do was ask Google to do it for me.

My fingers didn’t feel the code needed to be jotted down on the digital book. My mind was covered in the fear of weakness, and my insecurity was “I am not made for writing code”.

“I can understand it but why the hell are my fingers not working with me?” I I I I I ….uh.

Close-minded was I to not see the tap even when I walked past it every day. On my way back after classes to my favorite places. Near the lake, at the shop, there were taps that used to leak code at least that’s what I used to make of it when I didn’t know how to code. As I lost my mind and began to look through the veil, I heard them whispering … return drop…. twist(torque){stop flow;}

Then one afternoon I sat alone under the tree in the middle of the place… No one …except the dry winds, and humid sunshine with a soda in my hand, it tasted too sweet to drink, …ugh the paralysed state again.

The hour was so silent like it’s never been. The whispers grew louder and louder. The taps were left open and the sound flooded my mind as if the barrels were smashed and broken and the wine was offered unlimited for everyone. I felt so overwhelmed that my feet went limp and my body felt nonexistent.

As I came back to the soda in my hand...It was leaking Python code to the last drop…I held it back straight and drank the last drop of return True…

The taps looked at me as if they taught me a lesson and smiled back telling me to do what I know. I lay my hands on any editor from then on and I don’t need Google telling me what to write. As if the sword chose the swordsmen, the wand chose the magician… I transformed into a wizard from a muggle that afternoon.