Starlight Banana Whirlwind

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3 min readOct 20, 2023


Welcome, let’s delve into a realm of no logic. And everything surprises.

Regardless of how you feel, right now, a night is always younger than you. The pale bluish-black sky lit with stars and no sounds. Civilization rests and nature is at its best. A look at the sky and your problems either mean nothing or dissolve into what? A state of nothingness where what is nothing is nothing and it's just natural. The state of feeling one with the environment.

A night like this is the dissolution of ego, past memories and future anxieties have collided head-on leaving nothing in you. What is you is out what is out becomes you. And I feel like is this it? This is the moment where the relative juxtapositions of the human psyche and patterns mean nothing. Nothing is me. I am nothing. The screens are not me, the anger is not me the money is not me, the daily hustle is not me, I am not my grandparents’ wisdom, I am not my child’s playfulness, I am not my own image of me.

If all this is not me, then what am I?


Am I crazy, well not yet… I suppose…uh what a full breath I have never breathed this big my lungs are filled with star-lit oxygen making this night magical as if I don’t need to know anything. The wind is catching up to my feelings getting stronger and what follows is only more starlight and bright night sky. These winds are turning into a tornado… sourced naturally from the rainforest outside the city. Oh god, is this the whole of nature? I shall eat this whirling wind and give it to my loved one. Oh let me go inside the tornado to conquer it. As I move towards the tornado, my body starts putting in more work my legs becoming firm, the core strengthening like a mountain and my eyes only getting brighter of the glory I must experience tonight…The tug is not anymore. It is simply a matter of my will….just one more step and I will be right where the tornado starts from. huh? Is this the point let me fiddle with it….let me stop the tornado. I keep my hands forcefully towards this hole through which all this wind is coming to destroy the forest. Like a cork on the wine bottle, my hands have saved the day. But only to my surprise my hand burns. All my nerves are wrecked and I feel I am about to go unconscious as I feel my legs go limp.

Ah I am still here and the hose starts cracking like a dam cracks to cause a flood. BOOM I am sent flying towards the beach and there come flying bananas. How can there be bananas inside this I think…. The speed by which the bananas are exploding out of this forest is apocalyptic….Oh god sorry!! I won’t do this please please please don’t let your creation be gone by an apocalyptic banana tale…As my prayers get deeper.. more and more meaning they get and the bananas start to settle down their speed.

What the….are these bananas really whirling in the sky in pairs? Doing tango in pairs!!