How to build on-demand grocery delivery app for today’s tech-savvy shoppers?

Grocery delivery app is the new favourite among the users of on-demand apps, for the ease of use and convenience that on-demand mobile apps offer to the people using them. With the huge popularity of the food ordering and delivery apps, convenience in ordering groceries and getting them delivered online. Building the best on-demand grocery delivery app like Grofers clone, Big basket clone needs the following steps to be followed, in order to offer the best delivery app for today’s tech savvy shoppers.

The grocery apps such as Instacart, Bigbasket as well as grofers have already created a high expectation from the contemporary grocery apps, and hence it is essential that the most important features be incorporated in the grocery delivery app, in order to fulfil the expectations of the customers.

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1. Person identification
The first step includes person identification, which requires the customers to sign up using a valid login email id or using popular social networking site credentials. Password retrieval, in case the user forgets the password, edit the user profile and details all fall under this category. These features need to be incorporated in the grocery app, helping the customers get started.

2. Required usabilities
The grocery delivery mobile app, needs to ensure that they offer the essential usabilities such as choosing from the wide range of groceries, easy grocery adding to the cart and checkout, efficient search filters, quantity counters, adding to the shopping cart. Once all the required products are added to the shopping cart, payment needs to be completed successfully, for which effective payment gateway has to be integrated.

3. Location
Customers should be able to provide their delivery location, along with the facilities of switching locations. They should also be offered the convenience of pinning the location to the map, thus helping the delivery boys in finding their location faster. Setting their default location helps the customers save time in future orders being placed. Hence, it is important that the Instacart clone app should offer the flexibility, related to locations.

4. Timings
The grocery apps need to be flexible enough to offer a convenient delivery timing, such that the customers can book the slot, most preferred by them, thus helping them to plan their activities accordingly. Slot booking options, along with notifications of slots filled needs to be offered by the grocery delivery app, thus assisting tech savvy customers use them effectively.

5. Reviews and ratings
Big basket clone grocery apps should provide the customers with options for submitting their reviews and ratings, such that they can rate the services being provided by the app, along with offering feedback to the grocery app, highlighting the room for improvements.

The on-demand grocery apps for the tech-savvy shoppers should offer these features, along with ease of use and cashless payment, such that the shoppers can find an array of advantages in your grocery app and choose to use this over the other contemporary ones. Design your app to attract customers and get the best business benefits from it.

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