What is the cost involved in development of a Restaurant Mobile App?

With the rising popularity of the mobile applications, there are many startup companies who are venturing into the mobile app development and deploying them in business. Since online restaurant mobile apps such as FoodPanda clone, Swiggy clone, UberEats clone are been among the top on-demand mobile apps, hence developing restaurant mobile apps have opened a new venture of business for various companies. While restaurant mobile app development might seem to be an easy affair, yet determining the cost of developing the app involves various factors that needs to be taken into consideration, before determining the budget.

A survey carried out by Clutch highlighted the fact that the average cost of developing a restaurant mobile app, with useful and essential features may range from $10,000 to $350,000. This variation in the range widely is due to the fact that the type of app, the platform use, the technology used as well as various other factors put together determines the cost of developing a restaurant mobile app. Moreover, the apps with back-end server, will cost much more than the ones without server. Listed below are some of the factors that determines the cost of developing a restaurant mobile app.

1. App requirement
The requirement of building the restaurant mobile app may come from a startup company, venturing into the business or from the owner of a restaurant chain. The budget for startup app needs to be kept, which can be done by including only the essential features, or the MVP, that will make the app workable. In case of a restaurant for a chain of restaurants, the budget is flexible and extendable. Hence, unique and exclusive features can be included in the app development, making it a costly one.

2. Platform
The platform in which the app is developed is a key determining factor for the price of the app development. A restaurant mobile app with similar functionalities developed in iOS platform, for the iPhones will cost higher, than the ones developed in Android and Windows. This is simply because of the fact that it is much easy to develop Android apps at a lower cost than iOS.

3. Design
Focusing on an exclusive UI/UX design of an app, will make it much more expensive for development, than an app with simple design and basic functionalities.

4. Features
Features of one restaurant mobile app varies to some extend from the other similar app. The inclusion of the common features such as order placing, GPS tracking, payment gateway integration in an app is less costly to develop, than the ones with implementation of AI and ML.

5. Infrastructure
The cost of development also varies based on whether it is a native app or hybrid one. The native apps are much larger and offers the best user experience to the customers. This makes the native apps much costly that the hybrid apps, which uses the same code to runs in various mobile app development platforms. This makes the development and the maintenance cost of the hybrid apps lesser than the native apps.

These are some of the factors that play a significant role in determining the cost of developing a restaurant mobile app. Oddappz offers the best restaurant mobile apps at the most competitive price, that can be deployed in business by startups and enterprises.