Create Your Own Bot List With the New Bots on Discord Update

Our goal for Bots on Discord is to not only be the best place to find Discord bots, but to also be the best for sharing bots. Because of this we’re launching a new feature exclusive to Bots on Discord: Custom Bot Lists. Now anyone can create their own customized bot list and share it with ease. You can pick your top 10 bots, show off your dev group’s creations, create a recommended list for streamers, anything!

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re logged in to Bots on Discord with your Discord account, just hover over your username in the navbar and click “Create List”. Give your list a name and a short description, then click create. You’ll then be taken to the page for your list. Using the gear button you can edit your list’s info, short description, and bots.

By default your list won’t have a description, just a title. When editing your list’s info you may create a long description using markdown just like with bot pages. A preview is provided so you can see the rendered version as you type.

When editing the bots on your list there are many tools provided. Adding bots is easy thanks to the search dropdown, allowing you to search for bots by name or ID and visually confirm that you’re adding the right one. You can rearrange bots using the arrow buttons, moving them one position or all the way with Shift+Click. You can remove bots with the X button, and if you press it on accident you can click undo and it will appear right back as it was.

Sometimes people will want to set a custom description for the bots on their list. To do this all you have to do is press the “Add custom description” button on the bot toolbar and type it in.

Once you’re done and you’ve saved your changes, copy the URL and share your list with the world! To access your list later, just go to your profile and you’ll see them right below your submitted bots.