Staff Picks: October 2019

Brandon Russell
Nov 1 · 2 min read

We’re back again for a monthly edition of Staff Picks for Bots on Discord! We’re still going through changes in staff, so this month is limited to three bots once again. Due to the difficulty of finding bots to feature every month, three bots may become the standard in future months. It all depends on how good the bots you guys submit are 😉. Now getting in to the bots, I’ll start off with a selection from one of our newest staff.


Selected by: thomm.o

Spambots and alt accounts are becoming an increasing problem to many servers across discord. Before AltDentifier, no exceptional verification bots existed to prevent this. This bot is a must-have for any valuable discord server where the owner wants to prevent malicious users from accessing any of the channels. With extensive verification, anti-raid and logging support, AltDentifier can serve a variety of uses suiting any server. Easy setup with an elegant web dashboard and helpful support server ensures that no one has any issues during the setup process. Overall, AltDentifier is a bot that could provide some use to everyone, I would highly recommend you check it out.


Selected by: Brussell

GiselleBot is a multi-purpose bot designed to help you run your server well. It offers a unique combination of features I haven’t seen in many other bots. Some of it’s interesting features are:

  • Scheduled commands, and repeatable reminders
  • Auctions
  • Auto-moderation including NSFW image detection
  • Custom commands
  • In-Discord feedback forms
  • Reddit, RSS, and Twitter hooks
  • Raid room management
  • Reaction statistics
  • Trivia
  • Giveaways


Selected by: Brussell

Shiro is a fun little bot that plays you part of anime OST songs and lets you try to figure out which of the given songs it is. It’s a simple bot but it can be fun for a competition between friends on your server.

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Brandon Russell

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Owner of Mirai Bot for Discord, Bots on Discord, and

On Discord

A collection of websites and services designed to help Discord users

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