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On Consciousness


Reality is wake reality plus dream reality. Dreaming is not only, as it is assumed by mainstream psychologists, a form of psychological digestion and integration of events and experiences in dreams, but also the direct collection of knowledge and thus, a special form of perception.

— See, for example, Sigmund Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams (1980) and Carl Gustav Jung, The Meaning and Significance of Dreams 1991. Interestingly, this is paralleled with what has been received as information from extrasensorial dimensions through the practice of channeling.

In dream, our perception shifts and runs on different frequencies allowing us to perceive reality not in a logical and sequential manner, but in a synchronistic way that allows time to stretch and dissolve. In dreams we have access to past and future events without the limits set by the rational and time–bound mind.

In dream, we perceive reality in a way more akin to the right brain hemisphere and, as a result, the rationality of dreams is one of associative logic.

In addition, dreams are a test forum for ideas, plans and projects. In dreams, we can create unlimited virtual realities in which we can act at will, take roles and act out our ideas on a virtual stage in order to see how they will affect others and the world.

Nowhere in nature the Darwinian theory of the surplus power of the stronger is to be found. It was through this fundamental error that dominator philosophies, until today, have been backed up and justified.

In nature the main organizing principles are harmony, not strife, order and not chaos, balance and not the dominance of psychotic power abuse that only humankind has developed as a secondary drive structure.


Freud said: ‘Wherever I went, a poet was there before me.’ Many poets are more scientific than scientists because they see more of what is essential in living. Scientists, in most cases, are defined more by what they blind out from the abundance of life’s appearances than by what they understand about them.


No outside circumstances have an impact on the state of the world; it is our own beliefs that create our reality and consequently it’s by changing our beliefs that we are going to change this somewhat unlucky reality that we collectively created through a mindset of limitation, prejudice, the belief in scarcity and spiritual ignorance.


Every change in life comes about first on a psychic or etheric level and only thereafter on the level of physical or material density.


All our emotions have a direct bioenergetic impact on other humans, animals and plants, the environment and even the weather. There is a direct link between emotions and cosmic bioenergetic events through the natural streaming of the cosmic energy that flows through all and animates all.


Our life experiences are not ‘falling from heaven’ but are the direct consequence of our beliefs and convictions. In this sense, all in life is synchronistic and thus part of a web of higher logic. Nothing in our universe is single and unconnected.


Consciousness consists both of an outer and an inner reality. The inner reality is as important as the outer, and its main functioning mode is intuition. Intuition is the highest form of intelligence. When we follow our intuition instead of acting according to our beliefs or, worse, because of outside signals and commands, we always act right.


Psychology and religion have to meet because they are complementary halves of one and the same science: the science of total awareness.

It will not end war when we hate war and it will not end racism and discrimination when we hate racism and discrimination.

We have to begin to switch our inner polarity from negative to positive. Then our vital energies will be used much more economically and we will dispose of a higher bioenergetic potential.

With this higher energy potential we will naturally strive to connect more with the positive than with the negative forces of the universe.

We cannot filter out of our consciousness undesired events, situations, perceptions, insights or generally any knowledge that will burden us. But what we can do is to see the relativity of all information and counterbalance burdening knowledge by positive, uplifting information. The world always offers both sides of the spectrum, and we are limiting our powers when we focus only on the negative, or the positive side of life or of people.


All beings are born innocently and there is no original sin. Empowerment is a consciousness–enhancing process that acknowledges the natural absence of any guilt or shame; all existing guilt and shame are a result of negative childhood conditioning and came about through hypnotic spells and abuse.


The belief in illness and faultiness of nature or the human body is the result of guilt. A guilt–free worldview looks upon life and studies health, and not death, and sickness.


Health and longevity depend on the capacity to render beliefs conscious and to feed the mind with positive and integrative beliefs.

The body is as conscious and as intelligent as the mind and works in sync with a mind that is feedbacking well with the body.

Nobody dies without having taken the decision to pass over in another dimension and move on with his or her spiritual development in the other, more subtle, dimensions. By the same token, all those who die by accidents or catastrophes get to know in advance about their anticipated destiny, and can change it if they wish to. Their involvement in the event was a choice they have done on a subconscious level.


We live many lives simultaneously. Reincarnation is a misleading belief as it suggests that we lived lives sequentially. In reality, we live several lives at the same time, but on different consciousness levels or dimensions.


Most diseases are the result of repressing our natural emotions, especially our hot and aggressive ones. When aggressiveness cannot be expressed in constructive ways, they act like poison inside of us and, in the long run, block our emotional flow which in last instance means to destroy inner organs.


Our dreams have a major task in self–healing. Our psyche and our soma are both cleansed through healing dreams, many of which we are not conscious of because we forget them in the moment or before we wake up.


The identification with either the body or the mind is unhealthy and brings about imbalances. Identification with the body leads to the wrong belief that life ends with death, while identification with the mind locks us out from our body and therefore in the long run destroys the body, which leads to premature death. Only the healthy integration of mind and body enhances vitality and generally leads to longevity.


Music balances the bioenergetic polarities in the mindbody; in addition, it stimulates and enhances our natural self–healing capacities. However, effective self–healing is blocked to a large extent when the person cherishes beliefs that belittle or deny nature’s inherent self–healing potential.


Consciousness and science are linked to each other in the process of perception. Perception proceeds through sensation. Sensation is something like a window through which consciousness accesses nature.

Through the gates of perception we realize the depth of knowledge that with quantitative science alone is not accessible. A holistic and whole–brain process of perception is needed for accurately conceiving and comprehending reality in a scientific manner.

On Love


Love is part of living like breathing and drinking; it is inherent in love that it wants to express itself. It is difficult to live love naturally in a pornographic society.


A society that is pornographic is a society that represses emotions and allows to express them only in a very limited range of so–called sexual behavior; however, emotions are universal and by far not limited to sexual expression.


Sexual love within the family has often karmic reasons. Parents and children are often complementary in that they incarnate highly different or even opposing characteristics. For similar reasons, a couple may get a psychotic child because they are too stiff while the psychotic child incarnates the spontaneity that is lacking in their lives.


All sexuality is an ‘emosexuality’ in the sense that emotions cannot be excluded from sexual attraction, and also in the sense that sexual attraction follows emotional attraction, and not vice versa.

Western society has throughout history suffered from a schizoid split of love into erós and agapé, while this split does not exist in nature.


Most people follow sexual roles that are cliché models and not the natural expression of their soul desire; many have not enough self–knowledge to know what they really want. That is why the majority of people are unable to really live their love.

Naturally, our love and sex desires go together and are not to be split on different partners, one for love, and one for sex. Many men suffer from a schizoid split of love and sex projected upon different partners. This schizoid split of love and sex has brought about and brings about war, destruction, civil war and genocide on a worldwide scale. It is largely the result of a moralistic education of the child.


Sexuality is by no means fixated and rather of a moving, changing nature. It brings about strife, unhappiness and neurosis when people are exclusively heterosexual, homosexual or pedophile. All exclusivity in love and sex is a matter of rigid conditioning, of rigidity and neurosis, and not of intelligence and emotional and sexual sanity.

For the future of humanity, it is absolutely essential that our bisexual nature as well as our pedoemotions be acknowledged and socially recognized and validated.


Children are from birth emotionally and sexually conscious and awake, but their sexuality has hardly anything to do with what most psychologists project on it. To condition children into early gender separation means to destroy their innate bisexuality.


Both lesbian and homosexual tendencies are natural with children, as pedophile tendencies are with adolescents, and are not to be interfered with.

However, because sexual matters are generally little understood in our society, when children display lesbian, homosexual or pedophile attraction, such desires more often than not are feared and repressed.

One of the results is that natural heterosexuality is a rare exception within Western culture because it is regularly destroyed by fearful and ignorant parents and educators during the psychosexual growth period of the child.

That is how psychosexual imbalances such a homosexuality or pedophilia, and similar patterns are created as bioenergetic imprints early in childhood.

This is because natural psychosexual growth processes are interfered with by ignorance instead of letting nature its course. Homosexuality and pedophilia as exclusive love options are unnatural, but the paradox is that they arise with higher frequency when early homosexual or pedophile experiences have been repressed and sexual feelings were thus soiled by guilt and shame. All early sexuality that is lived in freedom develops into genuine and lasting heterosexuality.


Most children are conditioned upon toys and pets in order to get away from feeling and being with their own body; this alienation and conditioning upon body replacements is the condition for international consumer culture to function, and shows how destructive this society model is in truth. An overwhelming part of children’s natural love potential is thus wasted and vested into material possessions.


Elders have a natural right to live their love life and sexuality without limits until old age. Sexuality is not limited to the period between birth and menopause but extends into old age without any limits but those set by people’s own minds, habits and beliefs.

The Bible and other spiritual books abound of examples of couples having had late childbirth, up until in their eighties. Natural fertility depends but on the uninhibited flow of our bioenergy.

The body even after menopause is able to regenerate completely so that something like a second puberty can naturally come about with people whose bioplasmatic streaming is intact and strong. When both partners are in this lucky condition, childbirth even in high age is no miracle and brings about happiness for parents and child.


All those who have achieved self–knowledge and are in vivid dialogue with their inner selves have discovered their bisexual nature and have integrated their other sexual persona. This work is the starting point of true spirituality.

Sexual paraphilias are not sexual orientations sui generis but fake identities that offer those with lacking identity a point of reference for social or group acceptance, even though this very acceptance may be actually reject. On the other hand, what society projects upon paraphilias is inaccurate, because it consists of repressed perverse thoughts and longings and therefore lacks insight into the nature of these emotional and sexual attractions.


With observing some basic rules of conduct, every human life can be lived without destructive somatic disease in the form of cancer, aids, heart disease, rheumatism, arthritis, leukemia and others of the same kind, and without mental or emotional diseases such as neurosis, psychosis, schizophrenia, epilepsy or Alzheimer.


Psychoanalysis and most psychotherapeutic treatments are not natural and effective methods for healing emotional entanglement and early trauma, but conform with the cultural credo to reeducate, if not to brainwash people according to certain cultural beliefs. Effective trauma healing can only be done by aura healing and by honest shamans and clairvoyants.

A developmental course is open for modern medicine to integrate these practices and wistful traditions in the near future.


A future society will have to take responsibility for socially coding sexual paraphilias. The social code is the rule of life for all. Uncoded behavior creates individual and social chaos and brings about conflictual and harmful behavior patterns as well as black markets. Coding behavior requires social acceptance.

On Power


For constructive living and a growing network of fruitful and mutually beneficial relationships, we need to develop our natural soul power, which is an acute awareness of our spiritual human potential and all its possible expressions. Soul power typically manifests as a deep and lasting confidence in the goodness, intelligence and integratedness of cosmic life and love, as well as one’s own unique potential and creativity.

Soul power is the ability to live one’s unique form of love, whatever our loving energies are attracted to and wish to be close with. Soul power is developed mainly through the integration of our dream knowledge and wisdom.

This source of knowledge is unlimited and depends only on our skill to read the language of dreams so that it is intelligible for us. Dreams also are our most genuine source of creativity.


Self–affirmation as a source of strength and goes along with soul power. Self–affirmation starts from the premise that we all have a unique potential and mission and do not need to accept others that are disagreeable for us or impeding us from realizing our mission.


Self–acceptance is a spiritual, psychic and biological necessity and the primary condition for success in life and love. We have a right to say no.

To accept all in life without wavering can indicate a lack of self–acceptance. Nobody is supposed to accept worldviews, beliefs and ideologies that deny the value of the individual.


Traditional patriarchal education is based upon smashing the soul power of the child, raising disempowered emotional torsos that, once the emosexual castration called education is completed, are proudly called citizens. Only by a revolution in education, which is a psychological revolution, can this sad state of affairs gradually be changed and consciousness be raised about the need and the necessity of an education that respects the child as a person in her own right, as a spiritual entity and unique soul that incarnates with a definite mission as a learning process for his or her lifetime.

On Science


Science as unbiased observation of nature and comprehension of the cosmic laws and functionalities has been misunderstood and distorted throughout patriarchy in all dominator cultures of the world. Still in Antiquity, when science was in the hands of philosophers who had a meta–cognitive view upon nature, science gradually developed into a quantitative concept, out for construing measuring devices and defining reality more and more along the lines of what could be measured with these devices, declaring nonsense or banning what could not be measured.

Unfortunately, the unresolvable rest regarded as trash and blinded out from reality was the greater half of nature. As a result, the true science and its effective and functional counterpart, natural healing, had to go underground in Western civilization and survive under the threat of widespread official denial, slander and persecution.

This science was first called philosophy during Antiquity, then hermetic science or alchemy, and then magnetism, spiritism, and finally new age science.


True science is first of all energy science, the intelligent understanding and use of the life force or cosmic life energy that is called ch’i in China, ki in Japan, mana or aka with the Kahunas from Hawaii and with most aboriginal peoples, prana in India, ka in old Egypt and that in Western alternative science was called vis vitalis by Paracelsus, spirit energy by Swedenborg, animal magnetism by Mesmer, Odic force by Reichenbach, élan vital by Coué and with most hypnotists, universion by Lakhovsky and orgone by Reich.

A future society’s science agenda should put the research on the cosmic life energy, the intelligent study of the use and functionality of the bioenergy at the first place of its science agenda. Modern science has done a first step in the right direction with the abandonment of the rigid observer standpoint and the acknowledgment of probabilities and paradoxes in quantum physics.

The next step can only be the acknowledgment of the existence of the ether, respectively the vacuum, as an energetic continuum, and the all–pervading cosmic life energy as the one single creator principle in the universe.

On Health


For effective healing and medical care, we need to look at what is health, and not at what is sickness, at what is wholeness and not what is fragmentation, at what is sane and not what is insane, at what is life and not what is death.


Western science, since Aristotle, has looked at death in order to find out about life. Medical science was and is a death science. It has accumulated knowledge about decaying processes by vivisecting cadavers. It knows about the skeleton, tissues and blood vessels, but it has no idea what it is that distinguishes a living body from a dead body. To know that it would have had to look at the life force, the bioplasmatic energy contained in living organisms, and which vanishes from the dead and decaying body shortly after the moment of death.


Traditional Western medical science has asked the wrong questions and therefore got the wrong answers. It is merely palliative and cures symptoms without having the slightest idea about the true causes of illness, be it somatic, be it psychic illness.

It knows nothing about the energetic equilibrium of a healthy organism, and as a result ignores that all illness simply is a state of affairs where the natural equilibrium between positive and negative energetic polarities, called yang and yin, is out of balance.

It is as if somebody, in order to see the sun, builds a telescope, points it at the moon, looks through it and affirms: ‘The sun is a dry planet, without life, without heat, without energy, a simple mass of stone; it appears heavy, stupid and useless.’

This is how Western medical science looks at the human body and what it understands about it. In reality, the human body is a luminous sun–like energy egg that irradiates a powerful bioplasmatic energy and is synergistically connected to, and resonating with, all other beings that vibrate at about the same frequency range, including animals, plants and even inanimate matter.


The complete human body contains twenty–four disc–shaped energy nods called chakras, seven of which are around the upper half of the human body and five of which are higher up, floating in the ether, and bioenergetically resonating with the human organism. These twelve basic chakras are mirrored by another twelve aura chakras that are contained in the luminous body and which have similar biotransformational functions.

All sickness is to be seen, long before it manifests in the physical body, in the aura, the etheric body or bodies that build something like an egg–shaped luminous shell around the physical body. Illness typically manifests as a certain irregularity in the color spectrum of the aura; this was scientifically identified and corroborated as early as in the 1930s by a photographic technique invented by Dr. Walter J. Kirlian, a British physician of Russian origin. The technique is known as Kirlian Photography.

In addition, Tibetan medicine is specialized in measuring the pulse with such accuracy that it equals aura reading; illnesses can be predicted by this highly sophisticated traditional method several years in advance of their first somatization.


Already today, with the knowledge we possess about energy science, especially acupuncture, magnetic and cell resonance healing, aura treatment, homeopathy and orgone refreshment as well as macrobiotic diet, psychosomatic healing techniques and psychosynthesis, we can establish a body of futurist medicine that is effective, affordable, human, organic and environment–friendly.


The only reason why this has not yet been done so far is the worldwide medical and pharmaceutical establishment with their strong mercantile power monopoly and their resistance against any progress in holistic medical science.


Each and every human being can be healthy from birth to death, without any use of chemical pharmaceuticals, without any visits to a medical doctor or hospital, and without any operations. This is true for the regular case; for accidents, especially road, train and airplane accidents highly effective urgency aid is of course still needed.


Childbirth is a sexual, orgasmic and first of all pleasurable experience for mother, father and child and should be enjoyed at home, in the familiar setting, as a celebration of life and as a welcome party for the new soul that incarnates in the physical shell. For this to happen, the old profession of the sage femme has to be re–instituted. Childbirth has to be taken completely out of hospitals because it has nothing to do with sickness, and giving birth to a child is not the task of a medical doctor but of a specialized helper who by preference is a woman.

Why this profession disappeared is clearly the result of the Church’s witch hunts over several centuries and the cruel persecution, torture and murder of thousands and thousands of natural obstetricians all over Europe.

What is true for childbirth is true for contraception and abortion as well. As it is the responsibility of the mother to carry her baby to birth or to decide to stop pregnancy, or else to avoid pregnancy altogether, a large body of methods existed over time in different cultures that was mostly in the hands of natural obstetricians.

Very effective natural means for contraception were available for very affordable prices that ensured parents or a single mother got their children only in case they really wanted them, and thus were able to take care of them. This knowledge has been scattered for the most part if it is not completely forgotten.


The condom is one of the most decrepit, ineffective and body–hostile devices man ever come up with to interfere with sexual intercourse, as this device almost nullifies sexual pleasure for the man and as it desensitizes the gland, forces largely built men who have tiny built partners to use an unusual amount of force and pressure to realize orgasm — which puts unnecessary strain and in many cases also vaginal soreness and genital abrasions on the female partner, not to talk about the displeasing smell and handling of condoms that must put off any sensitive human being from sex altogether.

It is likely that behind the invention of the condom a sex–denying Puritan Weltanschauung has built up enough imbecility about natural functions to make the thought forms that eventually resulted in the invention of that murky, ineffective and unaesthetic solution for safer intercourse.


As long as international medical care is in the hands of physicians and pharmacy multinationals, human health, on a worldwide scale, will deteriorate with every year, while the costs for this gigantic money–making machine of white–coated nonsense will astronomically increase.

On Emotions


Present society confuses natural aggressiveness with violence and brings about violence through repressing healthy aggressiveness.

Rage and anger are positive emotions because they help us to become conscious of unhealthy fusional attachments and be grounded through our first chakra energy.

In aggressiveness contained is a high communication potential that cannot be used when aggressiveness is totally repressed. Aggressiveness is not violence in that it is outgoing and creative, and as such an expression of our soul power, while violence is coming about through suicidal and disempowering feelings and is an expression of our weakness.


Our emotions are naturally complete and intelligent, and they are kaleidoscopically linked to each other. All emotions have a place in life and should be lived consciously and without controlling or repressing any of them.

When one emotion is blocked, the natural cycle of emotions which can be visualized as a kaleidoscope, is broken with the result that the natural bioenergetic balance of our organism becomes impaired.


Knowledge about our primary power or soul power frees us of all our fears and also from rage and hate feelings. Natural soul power cannot be gained when we deny our natural goodness, and the creativeness of our subconscious mind.

Even small children have a natural soul power potential that is regularly destroyed in patriarchal education, bringing about fearful and perversely obedient children that do not question the status quo and go along with every kind of abuse without defending themselves.


Sex laws should be abandoned and sexual experience be completely decriminalized and taken out of the hands of the state. Personal intimacy has no place on police agendas and in newspaper columns; what this leads to is that love and intimacy are screwed up, defiled and degraded into sexual acts without meaning and without soul.

To save human love from vulgarity and perversion, and for fighting sexual crime, there is only one way: freedom.

Hence, a body of independent consultants that work as public welfare agencies should step in and provide emotional and sexual consultancy in accordance with special statutes and regulations that establish their social function and usefulness within a responsible medical and psychic health care system.


Children have to be raised in a peaceful, natural and comprehensive environment, where their whole person, including their bodies and emotions are truly understood and accepted.

For this to happen, any form of educational violence called corporal or physical punishment has to be definitely, by law, prohibited and abandoned.

No adult has the right to exert violence upon a child, and education is no exception from this rule.

To justify educational violence and at the same time wonder why violence is one of humanity’s major problem testifies of the shortsightedness and thwarted emotional intelligence of most humans raised under patriarchy. It is for this reason that changes in this important area are so slow to come and that so many, even educated people, continue beating their children like masters once were beating their slaves.

Children who are regularly beaten cannot integrate their bodies and emotions into a non–fragmented and peaceful mindset because this very process is impaired through the presence of strong fear, guilt and shame in the child’s psyche. This means that children raised in a violent manner are crippled and handicapped for life!

Educational violence therefore should be prohibited by law for both parents and persons who act in loco parentis, such as educators, tutors and other caretakers. Ideally physical and sexual child abuse in the form of violence acted out upon a child, should be treated in one and the same legal bill, and not in diverse and difficult–to–find separate legislations.

On Peace


World peace can be attained only by changing our basic paradigms about emotions and sexuality for they condition our views upon violence and how we handle this major problem in its manifold manifestations as domestic violence, street violence, gang violence, in–group versus out–group violence, racial and ideological violence, official governmental, military or police violence and structural violence.


All research done over the last decades on the roots of violence points to violence being a direct result of repressing our natural pleasure function and the establishment, within patriarchy, of rigid moralistic behavior rules.

Pleasure, joy and sexual excitement are essential for bringing about novelty in individual and collective life patterns and the bioenergetic exchange between organisms. This is independent of sex and age and it is valid for people from all walks of life and belonging to all races and cultures.


When natural body pleasure is thwarted and man thus deprived of tactile stimulation, a secondary drive structure builds up that is violent and destructive. This secondary drive structure that is fed by stuck and pent–up bioenergy rigidifies over time into a character armor that impedes man from feeling and thus inhibits important functions in the human character: empathy and compassion.

This is how humanity could become as violent as it is today, ruthlessly building in–group empires that shut out millions of people and dozens of nations and that expand on the price of genocide and public insanity.


Man is not by nature violent and destructive. Those who believe that build their worldview upon myths and a manipulative history science that deliberately overlooks the fact that before patriarchy came up about five thousands years ago, most peoples of the world lived in peace and fruitful exchanges, while they maintained partnership economies instead of dominator economies.

These cultures, one of them being the Kahuna natives from Hawaii, do not know strict moralistic behavior rules; they simply comply with the golden rule to not do to another what one wishes not to suffer oneself.

Anthropological and cross–cultural research has shown that a tiny rest of these cultures luckily survived until this day, one of them being the Trobriand culture in Papua New Guinea, another being the Muria tribe in India.

These cultures have in common that they do not interfere with the emotions and sexual behavior of their children and thus practice what today is called permissive education.

They also tend to raise their children not as a result of economic constraints but with great respect in front of natural biological growth cycles. Thus, for example, puberty is naturally the period where the child takes a leave from his or her parents, marries and engages in a professional career, as this was still the case in the Middle–Ages in Europe but was afterwards completely eroded by the extended educational cycles as part of mechanistic and alienating industrial culture.


Today’s postmodern international consumer culture, with its worldwide exportation of traditional Western values, is an utterly perverse upside–down movement that replaces life by a form of collective psychosis and rampant violence and that is based on denial and ignorance: denial of the most part of our natural and important pleasure function and ignorance about the most fundamental scientific and spiritual patterns of living. For the peace agenda of a future society the following essential points have inter alia to be considered:

  • Emosexual freedom for children and adolescents;
  • Emosexual freedom for the elder;
  • Respect and recognition of our natural bisexuality;
  • Recognition of the ether and parallel universes;
  • A unified field theory for the cosmic energy field;
  • Expert advice for contraception and abortion;
  • Respect of every state’s territorial and political integrity;
  • Worldwide training of cross–cultural communication;
  • Worldwide free–of–charge student exchanges;
  • Scientific study of life–after–death and cosmic life cycles.

Points to Ponder

  • In this article I have given an account of intuitive insights that came to me after years of meditation and assiduous study of both spiritual and channeled literature from sources around the world, including native cultures.
  • Generally speaking, the overall impression I gained from these insights is that our human consciousness today is rather limited, rather small, and not worth the great human that was originally set in this world, as a unique and self–regulating creation. What we have today is the small human, an almost grotesque reduction of its original plan, a dwarf being spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even sexually. A dwarf being not rendered a dwarf but having himself restricted to a dwarf universe, by putting all kinds of limitations to its original, unbounded and very versatile and flexible structure.
  • Nature created us totally free and we have done all we could to do away with this freedom. Nature created us totally intelligent and self–reliant and we have done all we could to do away with raising children in truth and intelligence, molding them to our hundreds of concepts that are not worth the ink spent on writing them, perpetuating them, in our books of wisdom, bibles and other holy (and dusty) books.
  • Nature has been honest with us; we are not born clothed, and we are not holy enough to not being urged for toilet visits once in a while where we face the not–so–nice nature of our bodily universe. We have done everything to pay nature her honesty back, by being largely and irresponsibly dishonest, hypocrite and abject over millennia. And the most dishonest creatures are paid, in our society, for being ‘professionally dishonest,’ our politicians and members of parliaments, and those scientists that are top of the list when it goes to justify the past or present abuses, and that are generously funded by the military.
  • Nature has been humble with us, to cloth all its supreme wisdom and power in a human skin, and to embody in the human being the greatest of intelligence among all creatures on the globe. We have paid nature this humility back by having become the most hubristic, fragmented, violent and devastating creature on the globe and probably within our planetary system, the creature that has accumulated so many weapons of mass destruction that it can click out the overkill of the planet more than four thousand times, and that has brought about, through its acclaimed and highly intelligent science, the ecological ruin of the entire planet.
  • Nature has been taking care of us, to preserve our species, and we have paid nature this care back by ruthlessly discarding out thousands of species, and, worse, to reduce our own species drastically through large–scale murder, persecution and genocide, and this independent of time and space, in virtually all epochs, throughout human written history.
  • Instead of repeating or paraphrasing the insights given in this article, I encourage the reader to just re–read it over and over again, for something is likely to happen on the consciousness level when doing this. It is less likely to happen when just paraphrasing the originally received insights, as they were coming from not my intellect and not even my being, but from a source I qualify as ‘intuition’ and that others would qualify as ‘channeled’ or ‘spiritual.’ The word is not the thing.
  • What is important to retain after having read this guide is that you and me are equal in that we can at any time go a path of self–criticism and freedom from the cultural and social hypnosis, and look over the fence. It needs courage, and persistence, and while only very few humans do that on a consistent basis, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It means only that nature, despite all the perversion the human being has brought about, holds the backdoor open for those who do not agree with the lies and fairy tales that are served in our lukewarm media soup with every day to come, and who begin to think for themselves.

Sex, Science, Psychoanalysis, and Evolution

Integral Health. Alternative Medicine. Holistic Science. The Energy Nature of Human Sexuality. Psychic Research. Quantum Physics. Nonlocality. Quantum Entanglement.

Peter Fritz Walter

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Sex, Science, Psychoanalysis, and Evolution

Integral Health. Alternative Medicine. Holistic Science. The Energy Nature of Human Sexuality. Psychic Research. Quantum Physics. Nonlocality. Quantum Entanglement.