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Why women should rule the world

And why nature’s male experiment has failed

In the beginning, there were only women. Or to be precise, the earth was only populated by female organisms. They didn’t actually call themselves female. Because 1) English wasn’t invented, and 2) males weren’t invented either, hence there was no need to differentiate between sexes. Because there was only one sex: And that sex was female.

Then about a billion years ago, some female eukaryotes mutated into males. And so began the now-famous entertainment of sexual reproduction. While before each female was perfectly happy to create a copy of herself, now she had to find a “man”, and go through the time consuming and emotionally problematic process of mating.

There are many theories as to why males “happened”. Scientists also agree that sexual species (i.e. ones with males and females) had some evolutionary advantage over asexual ones (i.e. ones with only females). Hence, in this sense, sexual species were “better” than asexual ones, and males seemed to have brought some benefit.

But there is a more important question.

Is our world with sexual species “better” than a parallel counter-factual universe where males never evolved? What if the evolution of males was net negative? While it might be true that sexual species are relatively more successful than asexual ones, what if everyone ended-up worse of in an absolute sense?

Since we have no way of knowing what that parallel word looked like, we can only conjecture. But I speculate that the male experiment has failed.

Why? Just look around you.

All the world’s conflicts stem from men that feel inadequate. At the root of any war is one man or a small number of men. Little men who want to show that they are big men.

For every good idea in the world, there are a thousand crazy ideas. And the most dangerous crazy ideas have been dreamt up by men. From the tops of mountains, or man-caves, or prison cells. Men who in turn, inspire millions of other men to dream crazy. You would never find a woman at the heart of a fundamentalist cult.

In a crazy world led by the likes of Trump, BoJo and Putin, voices of sense and reason are few and rarely heard. When they are heard, they come from the likes of Merkel, Ardern, and QE II. All women.

Hence, there is plenty of evidence that the effect of men on the world is indeed net negative.

It’s probably time for us to accept that the male experiment has failed. And it’s time for the world to return to its natural order. An order ruled by women.

Queen Merneith



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I am a Computer Scientist and Musician by training. A writer with interests in Philosophy, Economics, Technology, Politics, Business, the Arts and Fiction.