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On Purpose Berlin
Apr 28, 2016 · 3 min read

What a weekend. The On Purpose Development Weekend at the Oderbruch has passed but it is not gone, it has stayed with me. And here I am, now, for the first time in my life, writing about something I experienced.

So, my first takeaway: share.

Share a moment, share an experience, share an Idea, share joy and fear. Be open to people who want to share something with you. Sharing is fundamental in creating strong bonds between people and is also a great tool to teach and learn. Sometimes you do not really need to communicate — in the strict sense — in order to share; other times you’ll need to talk and listen.

No matter how you do it, sharing and communicating will help you and the people that surround you to understand situations, behaviours, actions and reactions.This leads me to my second takeaway:

Do not take things for granted.

Well, not a groundbreaking insight, is it? We are all aware about the huge gap between theory and life. We all know what we should do — at least on paper. But how many of us are really acting accordingly? Not me, probably.

It is so easy to interpret a situation based on our own perception and draw the conclusions we like (or, as in my case, we don’t like). This often leads us to underestimate or exaggerate issues, situations and things that have been said — or those that have not. So my advice to myself here is: discuss things, communicate openly, give feedback and, again, share. I guess the difficult bit is to find the best way and moment of doing so depending on the relation you have with the interlocutor.

If things are moving in the wrong direction, or at least you have the impression that they are, someone needs to take action. And most likely it needs to be you. So my third and last takeaway is:

Consider — seriously consider — making the first move.

I am not saying that you always need to. The wait-and-see approach can also lead to good outcomes. But waiting should be a conscious decision, not an easy/lazy/fear-driven solution.

I think the key point is asking yourself things like “Am I missing the chance to move something in the right direction? Is the way things are moving ok for me? Can I live with it or do I expect someone else to intervene? What if no one else intervenes? And what if he or she does and things get even worse?” What I have learnt for myself during our weekend: If it is important to you or if something makes you feel uncomfortable, make the first move.

It is impressive to realise how many things you can learn over a weekend. Thanks to the On Purpose team and to the associates for this great experience. Those takeaways will stay with me for a long time.

Über den Autor


Luca Barbone ist Associate bei On Purpose Berlin, dem einjährigen Leadership-Programm für soziales Unternehmertum. Im Jahr 2010 zog Luca nach Berlin um und arbeite seither bei Bombardier Transportation. In seiner Rolle als Fachingenieur für Aerodynamik und Thermodynamik, koordinierte er die aero- und thermodynamische Entwicklung von Schienenfahrzeugen. Jetzt ist er in seinem ersten On Purpose Placement bei K.lab

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