“Facebook Has A Severe Problem With Intelligent Black Voices”

“The employees at Facebook are made up of 55% white Americans & 68% American men. That means the overwhelming majority of his employees are white American males. This shouldn’t come as a shock truthfully considering most Silicon Valley companies are dominated by white males. But what this also reveals is that there is a high probability that these predominately white male overseers policing Facebook are not too keen to Intelligent Black Society members discussing issues surrounding racism, white supremacy, & even politics. I’m not the only person who has been banned from Facebook. I know quite a few Black voices who speak out on societal ills quite frequently who have been banned as well, some for as long as 30 days. It’s getting so bad with the censoring of Black voices that the Hidden Colors film director/producer, Tariq Nasheed, has gone so far to begin taking the necessary steps of creating an alternate social media site that can serve as a safe haven for intelligent Black voices that want to discuss real issues without having to worry about being reported to the overseers. But these are the things we should be doing in the first place.”

When people talk about activism vs. free speech like activists don’t know what it is to be stifled.

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