“The Struggles of Being a Black Millennial in a Conservative White Workplace”

“I had to talk myself down: Shae, this isn’t the worst thing he’s said. Shae, you just got promoted and you’ve almost survived here a year. Shae, you have bills to pay and your mother isn’t going to like it if you don’t help out with rent. Shae, you need this job. It’s not that big of a deal.
But the other half of me was thinking: How could you work for a man whose thoughts about race and class are similar to those of Bill O’Reilly? How could you write so much about race and culture, but not walk the walk in real life?…
I’m like the many Black Millennials currently entering the workforce, who quickly find out what many of our predecessors already knew: Sometimes, just being yourself is too much for white folks to handle.”

Constantly shrinking yourself into your work environment is incredibly exhausting.

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