“White People Explain Why They Feel Oppressed”

“Modern white Americans are one of the most powerful groups of people to ever exist on this planet and yet those very people — or, if you’re white, you people — staunchly believe that the primary victims of modern racism are whites. We see this in poll after poll. A recent one by the Public Religion Research Institute found 52 percent of whites agreed, “Today discrimination against whites has become as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minorities.” A 2011 study led by a Harvard Business School professor went deeper to find that “whites see race as a zero sum game they are losing.”…
why should I be an unpaid armchair psychiatrist interpreting the feelings of white people when I could just ask them? I mean, they’re all over the place and available for study in their natural habitat. So I did my own unscientific poll, asking several white people to help me understand white people. Based off the responses, I found three primary explanations for why so many white folks feel like they are the true victims in America today”

I feel like there are men doing this about ladies too. And Americans about non-Americans, especially in STEM, it’s so weird.

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