“Yesterday Jeffrey Siminoff announced that he was joining Twitter as their new head of Diversity and Inclusion. It’s not getting better.
Jeffrey Siminoff is a white man, replacing a white woman in the role. Not just any white man, Jeffrey Siminoff is the white man who ran diversity and inclusion at Apple. Friends of mine (who will remain nameless) have left Apple because they were facing the same struggles surrounding working at there that I felt at Google, that boil down to this: they didn’t feel included and didn’t feel like Apple really gave a damn about that. Prior to his time leading Apple’s less than stellar diversity efforts, he lead diversity and inclusion at Morgan Stanley: the Morgan Stanley that had a racial discrimination suit brought against it during his tenure. So now the man who cultivated those environments is bringing his act to Twitter. Let’s just say I would be very surprised to learn that any of the ERG’s at Twitter were involved in his hiring. I would be completely unsurprised to learn that he was hired by a team of white men (and maybe a white woman, because #FFFFFF Diversity), who didn’t at all see the problem with that.”
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