On Science

The very large, the very small, and everything in between.

The policy of aging and death

In discussions of scientific research, the topics of science policy and advocacy—the means of funding, regulating, and spreading scientific advances to the…

Scientific thinking vs. magical thinking

Scientific thinking: those who think scientifically understand we have very powerful biases in our mind and we should try to avoid all the pitfalls created by those biases. Any hypothesis must be rigorously tested before being accepted as valid, and if our intuition is inclined towards a theory, we should test it more carefully than usual. The way…

The Dance of the Two Cultures

Today the New York Times marked the death of Seamus Heaney with an above-the-fold front page photo, and a long article illustrated with quotes from his work. As…

The Blind Men and the Elephant

How a parable about religious tolerance demonstrates the necessity of scientific inquiry.

Broadcasting the continuum of science

I think we need a better tool for communicating ideas.

The problem with journal papers is that they are discrete, static and conservative while science is essentially a continuous, dynamic and unpredictable process. So, we need an instrument that would allow, along with printing IMRAD articles on paper or uploading PDFs to arXiv

The Soviet’s Obsession With Venus

Since information didn’t exactly flow freely between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War, it isn’t widely known that the Soviets…

Before We Created Climate Change, It Created Us

The picture below was taken at one of the best exhibits I’ve ever seen in any museum: the Hall of Human Origins at the Smithsonian

On Science
On Science

The very large, the very small, and everything in between.

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