Understanding People

List of resources and reference guides on user psychology

Ryan Hoover
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Technology and market conditions change so quickly. What worked last year or even last month, may not be applicable today. But one thing remains constant: People. An understanding of how people think — their motivations, biases, way of thinking — can yield “super powers” to designers, marketers, and product builders.

Here is a list of resources, blogs, and books to better understanding the human mind:


  • Cognitive Lode — Playbook of cognitive biases and psych research
  • Mental Notes — Bring a little psychology to Web design
  • Design Triggers — Pull the trigger on product design decisions
  • Wikipedia List of Cognitive Biases — Dozens of cognitive biases explained
  • GoodUI — Collection of clever UX patterns and ideas
  • User Onboarding — Onboarding teardowns of popular sites and services
  • Dark Patterns — Deceptive patterns used to manipulate users


  • Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products
  • The Art of Game Design
  • Seductive Interaction Design
  • The Power of Habit


  • NirAndFar.com
  • The Psychology of Video Games

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