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3 Metaphors for Social Media

Coping Strategies

Two Housemates

You have two housemates.

One gives you not a moment’s peace. “Talk to me! Talk to me! Talk to me!” it mumbles at all hours. When you are working, sleeping, and at all times in between, you have no respite.

The other housemate is different: A polite friend who would only talk to you at the right time, would not bother you with trivialities, and would only interrupt you in an emergency.

Which housemate would you rather have? Assuming you had the choice? And you do have the choice, don’t you?

Small Town Notice Board

You live in a small town, with a large square. In the middle of this square sits a notice board where anyone can pin messages to anyone else.

How often do you walk into the square and read the notice board? Would once a day would sound reasonable? Would once a week would sound unreasonable?

Alternatively, what if you spend your entire day and much of your night standing next to the notice board? Rain or shine? What if you read and read-read every single thing anyone posted? And what if you analysed and over-analysed every morsel of triviality and gossip?

Which of these people are you? Sane and free, or mad and in chains?

A New Shirt

Imagine you were out shopping, and you saw a nice T-Shirt. On the one hand, it is quite reasonably priced and is “your type”. On the other hand, you don’t really need it, because you have so many like it.

Would it harm your life if you didn’t buy that T-Shirt? Would you feel such a void in your soul? Would it undermine your contentment and happiness?

What would you do? Must you not walk away?

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