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Visualising Sri Lankan Startups


A User Manual


#StartupScapeSL is a tool for visualising Sri Lankan Tech Startups, various categories of Startups and various information about the Startups on a TreeMap.

Its data source is Startup SL: a platform run by the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA).

Currently, there are about 550 Startups. I will update the tool’s data every few weeks.


#StartupScapeSL is currently hosted at https://nuuuwan.github.io/startup-scape-sl/.

I might move it to a more dedicated URL once I get more feedback and clean up the design.



By default, the tool displays all startups on Startup SL’s listing. You can filter by startup category, startup stage or funding stage by clicking the filter icon at the top right of the screen.

For a description of categories, startup stages and funding stage, please refer to my December 2020 Review of Sri Lankan Tech Startups:

Detailed Information

You can get more details about a startup by clicking on its image icon:

High-Resolution Downloads

You can download a high-resolution PNG image of #StartupScapeSL by clicking the download icon at the top right of the screen.

Code, Data and Issues

The underlying code is at nuuuwan/startup-scape-sl on GitHub. Feel free to fork or expand on the code.

The underlying data can be download in JSON format from startups.json.

You can report bugs, Feature Ideas or any other issues on the Issues page on the GitHub repo.

Disclaimers & Caveats

  1. The listing on Startup SL might not be exhaustive. There are interesting and valuable tech startups known to me that are not listed here.
  2. Much of the information is self-reported by the startups. Some of it, particularly regarding funding, looks suspect.

Please heed the caveats. The underlying data seems approximate at best. However, with some improvements to data quality and coverage, analyses of this type are likely to be useful.




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