20 Things You Can’t Know in Your 20s

20 Things You Can’t Know In Your 20s. If Only.

1. Youth is not just a state of mind.

2. Tough times don’t last. Unless you let them.

3. A first job is only a first job.

4. Who you are now doesn’t have to define your life.

5. A cheeseburger habit won’t work for you past 30.

6. Nor will a lack of exercise.

7. You don’t have to cling to your childhood dream.

8. All roads lead to somewhere or other.

9. Being rich and famous does not equal being happy.

10. Time heals heartbreak — but you have to help it.

11. Talent is over-rated.

12. Consistency is the bomb.

13. People will let you down.

14. But great people come in surprise packages.

15. Your critics don’t write your epitaph.

16. Trying to find your passion is a waste of time.

17. Life doesn’t become easier — but knowing how to deal with it does.

You can’t control everything.

18. Everyone is running a tough race.

19. It’s never too late to try new things. Except when it is.

20. Youth is not wasted on the young.

Clinical psychologist, writer. Editor of On the Couch: Practical psychology for everyday life. karen@onthecouch.co.nz

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