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On The Couch Publication Guidelines

Practical psychology for everyday life.

  • Fresh ideas and fresh spins on recognised concepts welcome!
  • All stories 700–1000 words. Stories outside these word counts will not be considered.
  • We like lots of white space — use paragraphs, breaks, quotes, etc
  • Must offer practical tips. (e.g. listicles are fine)
  • Quotes are good (but must be attributed accurately)
  • Must be free of typos and spelling errors.
  • Claims must be backed by either personal experience or research. (No unsubstantiated theories).
  • Research must be from a reliable source.
  • Must be a completed piece of work.
  • Must use standard Medium formatting.
  • Must add value to the reader in some way.
  • Images must be appropriate and credited. No more than 2 per story.
  • No undisclosed affiliate links.
  • No duplicate stories or plagiarism.
  • English language stories only please.
  • We do not offer editorial services. However if your story is selected for publications we reserve the right to make minor changes or briefly edit the work.
  • No fiction or poetry, thanks.