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Practical psychology for everyday life.
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My aim is always to do myself out of a job.

Well, not altogether. I need to live. But my aim is to encourage my clients’ independent function, to help people get beyond their struggles to build the best lives they can.

Although therapists have different approaches, we’re united in…

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You read the book, right? Me too.

I enjoyed Mark Manson’s massive bestseller The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. I got why it hit, and hung at, the top of the book charts.

It has a strong message. That we should let go of the crap, all the…

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My flatmate’s voice woke me up one early morning last May.

Confused and shocked, I rushed into her room and found her in tears. She was sitting on her bed. Knees up, her head on them, arms around them. …

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I once worked with a couple that never fought.

Unlike the overt conflict and arguments that brought most couples through the door for counselling, there was none. But they were still struggling to keep their relationship together.

“What happens when you disagree?” I asked because, surely, their thoughts and beliefs…

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“We understand death only after it has placed its hands on someone we love.” Anne L. de Stael

I lost my father when I was 21 so I know how it feels to lose someone you love.

My father and I were close. He was my role model; he was…

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You deserve a great life.

Maybe you already have one and you’re keen, if not desperate, to hold onto it or keep it moving in the right direction?

Or maybe you’re struggling and you want some help digging out of the pit to get to the life you know is…

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Are you emotionally mature?

Are you a grown up when it comes to understanding and managing your emotional reactions to, well, everything?

Most of us would like to say “yes”. But it’s tricky because almost everyone’s emotional playbook has blemishes. …

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Empathy? Yeah, no thanks. I’ll pass on that.

I get it. If you’ve gotten out of a narcissist’s clutches, you’ll probably still be nursing your emotional wounds. The last thing you want to do is feel sorry for them.

But, you should. Sort of. Because you can grow, change and…

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To know ourselves today, we must return to the beginning.

To understand why we do what we do, we must first greet our much younger selves. Then, we can tease out the adult behaviors that no longer serve us and replace them with ones that will.

Charlotte Joko Beck, beloved…

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We all have our good sides — and our not-so-good sides.

If you asked your friends what they like most about you, you’d likely hear responses like “You’re usually there for me,” “You’re funny,” and “We get along well.”

But that’s the easy part. The less easy part is having…

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Practical psychology for everyday life.

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