The X-Files #1 Preview (2016–04–27)

Publisher: IDW

Creators: Joe Harris, Matthew Dow Smith, Jordie Bellaire

About the best thing I can say about this book is that it is better than the TV series relaunch. But that’s not saying much.

The January television event came with high expectations and didn’t manage to meet many of them. From the writing to the acting and direction, the relaunch — er, Season 10 — of the ground-breaking 1990’s Fox series was dead on arrival.

Now, IDW have released a companion comic book series. The premise seems to be that the story picks up where Season 10 left off.

On story, plot, and characters I would normally rip this apart for not giving me any reason to connect with the protagonists and not giving me any hook to read issue #2. The series has history, however, and the writing and editing staff clearly felt it was safe to assume that readers of the comic book already understand the characters’ shared history and the fact that they are always being watched and played by various groups of varying types and levels of power.

Also, Season 10 is on Netflix and can be viewed in the place of exposition. Don’t read the comic book expecting to have any backstory fed to you.

Okay, I’ve already given this book more thought and time than its worth. The only reason the comic book is better than TV’s Season 10 is because I can imagine the characters delivering the dialog better than the actors do. The pacing of the story and the panel transitions are sometimes confusing and scene changes are non sequitur.

Writing (plot, story, characters)? Meh.

Art (style, technique, execution)? Meh.

Will I read #2? NO.

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