4 Things to Do When You Feel Low

Photo by Jonathan Rados on Unsplash.

People experience highs and lows all the time throughout their day and their entire lives. And some days seem better than others. But, if you think about it, every day is something new. So we have to be a little something sort of new every single day but without losing our genuine selves. Human beings are complex creatures, each with his and her challenges to overcome. Every day brings something different and unexpected to the plate.

For certain personality types, it’s easy to fall into a gloomy outlook on life. As a result, suicides have increased. People can get depressed. Some people try to regain a high or an enthusiasm for life by taking various synthetic drugs.

The permanent answer to these low moments in our lives, however, is neither drugs nor suicide. Instead, the answer often lies in simple activities to get your mind focused on something entirely different, removed from your troubles and woes. Below are a few ideas on how to get back on track and keep rising toward your life goals.

Spend Time with a Friend/Make a Friend

If you break out of your restricting comfort zone once in a while, you’re probably going to surprise yourself. Socializing is a huge part of what makes us human, our ability and healthy desire for friendships, for people in our lives that we can spend an enjoyable time with.

Whether it’s finding a new friend and engaging them in queries or talking with an old chum, friends and loved ones are what make life worth it. Hanging out with a friend is not only a nice fun thing to do. It’s a healthy, almost therapeutic.

Work Out/Excercise

Working out can be an immensely rewarding pastime, not only for the obvious reasons of exercising muscle. But weightlifting and jabbing at a punching bag are good examples of activities that can act as a medium for the release of anxiety, anger, and other feelings of that caliber.

Pursue a Hobby You’re Passionate About

People are passionate about any number of things: sports, wine tasting, keeping a journal, collecting underwear from different periods in history. I don’t know! There are millions of other options. I used to be really “into” stamp collecting, for instance. A hobby is an enjoyable pastime which the individual has a knack for. Oftentimes, the hobby takes one’s mind off its most pressing concerns. And, at least for a while, that can be a good thing.

Engage in Motivational Entertainment

There are many forms of entertainment: reading, watching a movie or TV show, watching a comedian live on a stage. All can be things to leisurely pass the time. But when you are hoping to be entertained, you shouldn’t settle for any and all that you find.

When you’re feeling low, you need to hear humor that’s not consistently presenting a negative outlook on life or on other people. And when you listen to music, search out those uplifting songs, not the raging anger ones.

Also, in watching a movie or reading a book, you should make sure beforehand that it has some sort of morals, some sort of benevolent triumph that takes place by the end of the story. (You can look up a review of the general plot.) Entertainment and media have the power to transform not only what we see but how we see it as well.

In the end, these are just a few ideas of how to brighten your day, even your outlook on life and the future. One thing is for sure: Your mindset controls how you feel and even your decisions. The individual needs to make good decisions.