How I Overcame My Fear Of Going Freelance Full-Time

Day 135/365: It all starts at the end!

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18 months ago, I left my job forever. Man, was I scared!

The whole world just stopped, and during my sleepless nights, I contemplated about the biggest mistake of my life. And then I cried some more, obviously. Was it that wrong that I was simply done with the constant struggle, the constant stress, deadlines, work-related fights and so on?

Of course not! It’s only natural to want to have peace and prosperity in the workplace. Or that’s how it should be, anyway.

I struggled for about a year to find a new job. I stayed at home first, doing nothing, and then found it harder and harder to get a job that I’d like. I tried different things, but eventually, I was back to writing. That’s when I found Fiverr, a website that would find clients for you and pay you $5 or more for an article or a small translation.

Fiverr was hard!

I worked up an account and got my first job in minutes. It was a translation of a birth certificate from Romanian into English. God knows why a dude from India would need that, but I’m not here to ask questions, but just to do my humble job and get my $5 some hours later.

Fiverr was hard as hell. To be honest, I went many weeks without a single dollar in my bank, struggling to land on at least one gig before going full cannibalistic and eat my neighbour. Over the course of one year, I mainly got jobs that helped me eat, and not much else.

The problem was, I was still not doing freelancing as a full-time thing. I was winging it. I was spending more time being mad about the fact that I had no new clients than actually doing something about getting some new clients. This period of pure despair cured my anxiety about losing my job.

It was just a small step towards going freelancing full-time that stood between me and my dream job.

So I worked on it! To hell with bullshit, I’m doing this for real now!

I started a website.

I built a stronger profile not only on Fiverr, but on Upwork and other freelancing platforms.

I wrote on this blog Every Single Day for the past 130 something days, posted on social media and spread the word that I was finally dedicating myself 100% to professional writing. Nothing else.

The struggle paid off!

I am now almost 5 full months into freelancing. I do nothing else but that. I am able to afford a decent living, travelling whenever and wherever I want and all in between. It has been amazing, to be honest, and it all started with failing in the first place.

Failing to get clients. Failing to afford a meal at a restaurant. Failing to afford gas for the car. Failing to understand why nobody would hire me. Failing to keep in touch with everybody, because I was always working. Failing to go out on Friday nights, because my clients wanted me then and there.

All the failings put me into a position of almost indestructibility. I went through everything that a new freelancer can go through, which means I fear nothing. I can’t be surprised by anything. I know what’s what, how to do stuff and how to manage myself and my business.

Freelancing takes time

Freelancing is freeing and extremely rewarding, but you need to dedicate 100% of your time and effort to it. It does not work if you do it as a side thing. It does not work if you’re not good at what you offer. It does not work if you’re treating your clients badly.

And most importantly, it does not work if you don’t have the patience to wait for things to get better. They do get better, but you have to show patience in order for the good clients, orders and money to come.

Freelancing takes time. Building a profile online takes time. Seeing yourself as a business is tricky, but totally doable. If I could do it, anybody can.

Good luck! And please, be patient.

Thank you for your time!

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