I Lived In Germany For 10 Days And I’m Absolutely Gobsmacked And Shocked!

Day 187/365: I decided on something important today…

Marienplatz, Munich — Photo by Gabriel Iosa

Do you ever get the feeling you’re living a lie? I myself lived in Romania for most of my 25 years of life. I was given to learn that mediocre living, stray dogs, angry, reckless drivers, bad transportation systems and a corrupt government are simply part of your daily life.

I lived in a big, fat lie for all my life.

Last Tuesday, I got on a plane and took a flight to a small German city called Ravensburg. About 50.000 people live there, so the population matches the city where I grew up in Romania.

Ravensurg, Germany — Photo by Gabriel Iosa

Apart from the population tough, nothing else matches the life from Lugoj, Romania. The lie I endured for 25 years started unfolding in front of my eyes the minute I left the airport.

The Grass

The grass was simply cut to a perfect line and height the whole way from the airport to my cousin’s house. It was simply picture perfect. In Romania, the grass never gets cut.

The grass in front of a hotel in beautiful Überlingen. Don’t be fooled, this is how the grass looks all around Germany, regardless of the city.

We have chemical substances we put on our grass which burns it,but also the ground. In Germany, people cut the grass in front of their houses, and the landlords cut the grass on their land regardless if it’s in the city or out on the highway. In Romania, the grass is so high, there’s no surprise if you get some lizards or snakes on your front porch.

The Driving

The driving in Germany is absolutely perfect. Nobody comes towards you with high speeds, ready to crush into you and end your life miserably. Nobody cuts you off at the light, because if they’d do that, their driver’s licences would be nullified for life. Nobody honked for the entirety of 10 days I stayed here.

Nobody honked in traffic. FOR 10 FUCKING DAYS!

The Bus

The transportation system works. Busses run like… well, like a well-oiled German bus. If the schedule says bus number one to city centre arrives at the station at 17:58, at 17:57 you can see the bus pulling over and opening its doors at EXACTLY 17:58.

In Romania, trains leave 3 minutes before schedule, leaving passengers on the platforms waving their overpriced tickets at the conductor, while arriving hours late at the destination. In Germany, trains are not cheap, yet extremely cheap if you live and earn your money here, but the amazing part is, there are simply no delays.

The sublime ICE German high speed train that took me from Ulm to Munich in no time. Simply gorgeous! I almost forgot: it took 3 minutes for me to go to the restroom and back until the front of the train was cleaned.

The People

The people in Germany don’t care if you’re Romanian, Italian, Spanish or any other nationality. They don’t go racist on you. If you’re willing to respect their privacy and laws, they simply accept you and consider you one of their own. My cousin has been living in Ravensburg for 4 years now.

It’s been tough for him at first, but as soon as he learned the language and got his job, he’s been embraced by the community and considered to be an equally important part of it as locals and the other foreigners who work legally in Germany.

The Lie

As a Romanian, it’s hard to believe such a country even exists. The whole experience was like a movie to me, as I was almost constantly surprised by yet how… civilised, normal and perfect everything was.

It was amazing, to say at least. I am absolutely gobsmacked you can live in a country like Germany for about 1.500 dollars a month, and do it decently on your own.

You can pay rent, heat, electricity, gas, internet, a bus pass and food and water for about $700, which means you can save a lot for travels and other expenses. I can live in a civilised country with my income!

I decided I want to live in Germany, which is why I’ll start saving some money. When I’ll have enough to cover about 3 months of rent, I’ll leave Romania and never look back.

I Can’t Live A Lie For All My Life

I’m leaving Romania because I’m tired of living a lie. I’m tired of having stray dogs chase me around the block while I’m on my bike. I’m tired of having no opportunities to grow a business because of a corrupt system that simply buries you into paperwork and taxes before you can start out.

I’m tired of risking my life on a daily basis because of idiots who drive like maniacs on the most dangerous, crappy roads on the planet. I’m tired of living a big, fat lie.

My cousin is happy not just because he found the love of his life in Germany, but also because he found normality and peace of mind and soul, even if he had to leave his native country behind. Sincerely, I think it’s a fair price to pay, giving the fact that the reward is civilisation. Real civilisation.

The superb Lake Konstantz (Bodensee) a half an hour ride from Ravensburg towards Switzerland. Perfect weekend spot!

Thank you for your time!

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