One Of My Friends Is Acting Weird

The Bears Are Messing Up His Mind

One of my friends is struggling with a mild depression.

I don’t even know if it’s a depression, an ugly quarter-life-crisis or a very early case of the winter blues.

Remember that I’m not a medical doctor, I’m just a random stranger spilling my guts every day on the Internet.

But there’s definitely something going on with my friend.

He’s acting weird, even for him.

The other day I caught him self-medicating himself. He’s now trying out the Ritalin prescribed for his son.

Tell me that’s not weird.

Or is it just me?

He quit his job to become a bitcoin trader at the worst possible moment. The other day he asked me how I cope with losing money.

Here’s what I told him.

Dealing With Shit

I have some experience with bear markets.

And one thing that helped me immensely is taking things one day at a time.

One good day.

That was my objective for the longest time.

I just focused on making it through the day and having ‘one good day’. And then, I stacked one good day on top of another until the calamity ended.

by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

That was how I coped with losing.

A good day for me meant working out, eating properly and doing meditation and mindfulness exercises. Nothing else really mattered.

That routine worked wonders for me.

I survived a two year bear market by just focusing on having one good day after another.

Taking it one day at a time is an amazing trick for dealing with shit.

Try it out for yourself.

Sad And Happy

I’m still using this trick now.

I actually realized that yesterday in a conversation with a friend.

She pointed out that I’m counting down the days in this daily writing challenge.

And when this challenge has finished, I’m going to be sad because writing every day for a year leaves a lasting mark on your Spirit.

But I’m also going to be extremely happy.

by Franciele Cunha on Unsplash

Because this challenge is draining me a bit.

That’s why I went back to the ‘one good day ’ routine, I think.

I stopped thinking about what’s going to happen next. I gave up dreaming about making money as a writer and I don’t write for the claps any more.

I just focus on writing my piece today and having ‘one good day’.

And it works.

Until My Stomach Hurts

My definition of ‘one good day’ has changed over time.

Back then, all I cared about was working out, eating well and controlling my emotions.

These days, I also want to beam love, gratefulness and happiness into the universe.

I also want to have one great conversation with a loved one.

by Ryan Holloway on Unsplash

And last but not least, I want to have laughed.

For the record, I’m not talking about smiling. I’m talking about laughing out loud until my stomach hurts.

When all that happens, I have ‘one good day’.

And every day is a good day lately.

My friend is going to get over this thing.

Whatever it is.

I’m sure because he’s a grinder just like me.

He’s going to become stronger than ever if he can survive this bear market. And he will.

One good day.

That’s all we need.

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