This Is Why Diplomas Are Useless

Day 144/365: Tell me, young padawan: when was the last time a diploma got you fed, dressed or paid your rent?

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“Experience is an excellent doctor. He never had a diploma” — Fanny Fern

During the course of your life, you will eventually gather a stack of diplomas. Some will be from your kindergarten, some from your elementary school, some from high school and some from college. Some will be from voluntary works, some from contests, and some from your company or associates.

Every time you get a diploma, your merits are recognised by the community, the school or your company. Diplomas are there to tell you that you are good at what you do, you’ve accomplished something or you are on your way to do great things. They are much more than paper.

But are they?

Diplomas and Jobs

Diplomas don’t pay the rent. Diplomas don’t account for transportation or food. Diplomas never get you a job. Diplomas are just pieces of paper that are somehow supposed to make you feel better after you’ve put in all of your time, effort, struggles and emotions into a college degree.

They are supposed to give you wealth, recognition and a great life. But do they? Of course not. Your employer will never ask to see a piece of paper from you. They’ll ask to see if you have the skills for their enterprise. If you do, regardless if you have a diploma or not, they’ll give you a job.

Diplomas and Freelancing

The same goes for freelancing. If you have the skills, the client will hire you and then continue to work with you until the end of times. If not, he will stop after the first job and call it a day, even if you have 7 diplomas from 7 different high-profile colleges.

My diplomas have proven to be useless in my life.

My dad always told me to go and get my Law degree, like that would somehow make me a lawyer or a prosecutor. He’s never had a college diploma, and yet he was able to provide for me and my family for the last 30 years, without me feeling like I’m missing out on something for even a second.

Great job dad!

Me and my dad, we go to the movies at least once a week. It’s our thing. We don’t have college diplomas, but we’re doing just fine! — Photo by Kilyan Sockalingum on Unsplash

Diplomas and My Future

Just like my dad, I’ll do what he did, not what he advised me to do, probably out of excessive care and love. I’ll pursue my dreams and burn my diplomas, and if things go left, I’ll somehow make them right. My dad still brags about me not finishing my degree, but I’m too busy running my business that actually pays for my car, food, the house and my travels.

The diploma, even if it were to have my name on it, would never help me because I can’t see myself working in the field of justice. I’m a writer, an emotional being who expresses himself through writing and who’s better at it than at everything he ever did.

Why would I trust a piece of paper with my life, when my life is right the way it is?

I’m only 25, so what do I know, right?

Thank you for your time!

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